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i just got second in the tournament how long is it till i get my points? or did i already get them?
Sat at 18:18
i won the 3° gym but i haven't the price for the winner... give me all the special prise of 3° gym please! (my name i CJGameCommunity not baguetto02)
Sat at 18:22
Sat at 21:17
Sat at 21:32
Sat at 21:33
how do you get on the servers
Sat at 22:21
how do you getpixelmon
Sun at 1:08
Go to the server by: mc.pokeballers.com or pokeballers.com and to get pixelmon look it up on youtube or google! :d
Sun at 12:04
how do u play it and vs trainers
Sun at 12:05
and mad leveling
Sun at 12:21
Just press R (default) to throw out a Pokemon and you will enter a battle. In a battle try defeat the opposing pokemon using your pokemon moves.
Sun at 12:23
Some hurt them, some effect their status/ stats, some effect your status/ stat and some strait out do nothing (looking at you splash)
Sun at 14:26
what version of pixelmon is this
Sun at 14:27
Sun at 14:27
Sun at 14:27
3.5.1, Currently GSPgamers.
Sun at 20:48
Hey! I'm back on the serser, but I want to restart my journey in Kanto. Is there a way to reset and restart it?
Sun at 21:04
There is not a way to fully "reset" but you can place all of your items in an Ender Chest, either delete or keep your pokemon, and buy or donate for another starter.
Sun at 21:16
whats with mystery dungeon
what is white_listed mean i keep getting kicked for island and it says i am not white_listed and i am missing a tourney for this reason
Sun at 23:42
It means that there is a tourney going on currently.
is there a new island this season?
also is it possible to change what items you chose or what pokemon you get from your donation?
Mon at 1:52
Mon at 1:52
Mon at 1:53
so where do you go for alpine server
Mon at 4:09
That's not part of Pokeballers.
Mon at 4:10
And A_heartattack, you can't change your chosen items and pokemon for your rank.
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Welcome to Pokeballers Forum Chat



What's up ballers?

As you may have noticed Region 3 is currently having some issues with some aspects of the server.

We are working hard to fix the problems and appreciate your patience with the issue. As you may be aware, some people have been losing their balance, claims, claim blocks, homes and even pokemon. If you have lost any of these things please make a recovery app in Region 3's recovery applications section. I would also advise to take screenshots of your balance, amount of claims you have, where you have claimed (using /claimlist) and where your homes are set, in order to give some sort of evidence where applicable. If these problems have happened to you do not worry, we will hopefully be able to fix said issues.

If you have lost a /home but not where you have claimed, contact myself or another R3 admin to possibly help you out.

Once again thank you for your patience and we will keep you updated on what is happening.


OlympicAir35 yes my iv was full at the time
OlympicAir35 I just bought 5x rare candies and the item didn't appear that would be great if you could get them bach asap

What's up ballers?

We've got HUGE changes coming to the server in the next couple of weeks. As you know our dev team is working hard to get plugins ready for the server to be able to go to 1.8 and be able to use the newest versions of Pixelmon. Well, if everything goes as planned we may just be a few weeks away from making it happen. This has involved near enough every single one of our current plugins to be remade and be completely custom, so big shout-out to our dev team for all their hard work!

With this, a brand new server will be coming out once we do update, along with many more changes. Think of it as the rebirth of Pokeballers. We'll be moving to a all new website with a cleaner look with a brand new store as well. Some of you might have seen @inkbyte working on some very cool new artwork for us, it's all been in preparation for this!

But, today is the start of the change, today we will announce that we will also be using Discord. What is Discord you may ask? Discord is a all-in-one voice and text chat for gamers. It's the combination of both skype and teamspeak in one. Using this will allow players and staff to have better communication with each other to answer any and all questions and deal with any and all problems that may come, along with getting information out to the players. It's completely web based so there is no need to download any programs to your computer at all!

To join, simply follow this link!

At this time, all staff members will need to contact a Head Admin or above to get their ranks on this, but later on this will be able to be linked into our new website where all ranks will be assigned there and automatically set to the discord, giving you access to the needed chats and perms. So please when joining send Kate, Mop, or myself a message with your IGN , rank, and server so we can check and apply the proper rank as needed and allow us some time to go through everyone and apply the ranks.

So come connect today and give it a try, let us know what you think? If you have any questions then just comment below or you can put them in the Discord and ask :P

As always, we thank you all so much for your support of the Pokeballers server and can't wait to release everything else we have planned to start in the coming weeks.


boyvan17 Have any servers been updated yet?
[Helper] xRin_ #Hyyyypppee
jeepers_peepers Exactly when is the server going to be updated? As in date

What's up ballers?

Happy Easter from the R3 staff!!

To celebrate, there are 6 chests scattered in and around Ancaster, the starting town, for you to find. These 6 chests will have inside an easter egg for you to collect! Once you them find all, hand them to an admin for your prize!!

Please refrain from telling people where the chests are. If you are caught showing the locations of chests, telling people where the chests are, or even giving hints away, you will be temp banned for 3 days and will receive no prize!

Best of luck on finding them! :d


P.s Beware of the fake trap chests! :d

*There will be no refunds for broken keyboards, enjoy!*


What's up ballers?

I'd also like to give you a Happy Easter from the Region 1 Staff!!

We have begun a treasure hunt as well, with 6 chests scattered around Granite, Aqua and Voltron. Find all six eggs and bring them to an Admin and you will be rewarded with a prize.

No selling or revealing of egg locations as this will result in a temp ban as well. Look forward to seeing you guys hunting and hope you enjoy it. Happy Easter!!!

~ iHeart

SandDuner_1 I'm new. How do you get on to play this game?
[Leader] CreepahHunter They grow up so fast! <3
jeepers_peepers What items are the Easter Eggs?

What's up ballers?

The Region One server is currently down due to some issues with the files. We apologise for this inconvenience, however we are looking to resolve this issue soon. There is currently no estimated time that we can give. We ask that you be patient and if you're looking for something to do while waiting, I'd recommend the other servers we have to offer.

Thanks for you continued support of the server.

Ieuanlion so glad its back up!
[Helper] MHSnub It is back up again! Now everyone should be able to join =)
[JAdmin] iheartknitting We do not have an estimate as to when it will be back up. Please do be assured that we are doing all we can to speed up ...

What's up ballers?

Now that the website seems to have stabalized itself, if anyone still has issues of Pixel Points still not being received, please make a post with your paypal receipt under our donation section(any will do) and we will get around to returning the lost points as soon as possible.

Thanks for you continued support of the server. 

chagui_1999 i had problems linking my account to the website everytime i put the code for it it said i already have character but i...
Venomous321 I have waited for nearly a week for pixel points via donating (that's 5 points) and still not received them. Please...
CyberSilver I voted for my pixel points but i have not received them.I have waited for 3 days and this is the second time!