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Sat at 18:55
press "New Thread" when you're logged on
Sat at 22:37
Sat at 22:37
Sun at 3:47
Sun at 3:58
10 years xD
Sun at 3:58
Sun at 3:59
Yas pls
Sun at 4:23
Sun at 5:15
Sun at 6:19
Uh, hi? I'm MineDN.
Sun at 16:20
Sun at 17:22
how do begin the game
Sun at 17:25
Sun at 17:49
hey bb
Sun at 18:47
soooo when is pokeballers gonna be 1.8?
24 hours ago
24 hours ago
how do i play?
9 hours ago
8 hours ago
7 hours ago
Hey there!
7 hours ago
Is the server 1.8 or 1.7.10? (I forgot :P )
7 hours ago
1.7.10 forge
3 hours ago
no u
3 hours ago
why is kanto not working?
2 hours ago
Kanto still down?
21 mins ago
I try to join i have 3.4.0 on but it won't let me join
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Welcome to Pokeballers Forum Chat



EDIT: Both Servers are Now Back Up! Thanks for all your cooperation and Enjoy!

Hey guys,

We're still working on resolving the issue with Red and Blue being down.  At this time, we're working on making a solution to bring the server up, as the host side issue remains.  We again apologize for the inconvience that this may bring.  We anticpate the server to be up in a couple days and continue to work on it.  During this time, you're more than willing to check out or other servers.

-Pokeballers Staff Team

XxDarksoulsxx Kanto is not working to.
[Ace] 2Fast2Pro
2Fast2Pro @ Pixeltown Red
Another couple of days hmm I guess we got to accept it :P I hope the server saved and nothing is missing. I tried kanto ...

We apologize but at the moment there is a issue on the servers for the Pixeltown Red and Blue servers on the server host side. We've sent messages to the proper people and are simply waiting on replies for the problem to be resolved.

As soon as we can we will have the servers back up and running.


[Helper] Shuy__
Shuy__ @ Pokeballer's 2nd
Until next update r1 pokes are being transferred to r2 after 4.0 comes out, I'm not 100% but I'm sure it's going to happ ...
[G] jacobbrynt7 Hey. I know this is kinda rude because you guys are doing your very best to get it done but, when will R1 pokes be retur ...

Hey guys,

A few changes have been made to the server that I would like to bring up and let everyone know.

First up is the donation store. I have recently brought back the ability to purchase in game money via the donation store across all servers. Check it out if you are interested!

Next up is the addition of mcMMO onto our R3/Hybrid server. This plugin will allow players to level up abilities like mining, herbalism, alchemy, and many more to get extra perks the higher your level is in that ability. It also allows for a party system between teams of players and a privet party chat as well for those in a party. Very excited to have this new feature on the server!

And lastly, I would like to show a little bit more of some work we've been doing on the mini games server. There is still no release date, but get hyped cause it's looking good :)

We hope you like the builds so far. A lot of hard work has gone into this and we can't wait to get it out to everyone as soon as we can.


[Mod] Vikefan Looks Amazing cant wait
xPenguiin_ I love privet chats
[Helper] GFlyingDutchman when the server is online can I expect a Donation store for it???

Hey everyone!

First of all I would like to announce the winners for the top monthly voters. By the end of the month, if you are either in 1st, 2nd or 3rd place in our Top Monthly Voters, you will recieve a prize of a shiny charge on the server of your choice.

Here are your winners for April:

1) WalkingBait234 recieving 3 Shiny Charges.

2) Double_ recieving 2 Shiny Charges.

3) ricster131 recieving 1 Shiny Charges.

If you want to be able to win a shiny charge, all you need to do is vote for the server. Here is a thread with more information: http://pokeballers.com/forum/m/14209422/viewthread/21096032-how-to-support-server

Onto the big news....

I've taken the reigns over from Skywalker and taking charge of this 3rd build contest! I bring you challenge of creating a Survival Games Map!

After the success of the survival games, we're looking to add different maps, which may possibly be used for the new Minigames server that is coming out soon! As like the last build contest, you can work in a team.

You are tasked with creating a Survival Games map. You can be as creative as you want to be and there is no specific theme that we are looking for. You are only tasked with creating the map, so you do not need to worry about any specific survival games plugins. You also do not need to worry about placing items in chests, just focus on creating the map. However there are a few requirements towards this project.

For more information please see the contest page: http://pokeballers.com/forum/m/14209422/viewthread/21547860-build-contest-3-survival-games/page/1


1st Place: Will receive 2,500 PixelPoints

2nd Place: Will receive 2,000 PixelPoints

3rd Place: Will receive 1,000 PixelPoints

If you work in a team, your points will be payed to whoever submits the app or can be divided between the team members upon request.


We will be vigorously checking all submissions for plagiarism and anyone who is even suspected of plagiarism may be disqualified. So build something unique and unlike anything out there

hunter I am new
[Helper] aidanati I may be able to actually do this! ive made a few amazing hunger games maps before :3
[Helper] Jacob___ o Exciting! Can't wait to see all the amazing entries!

Hello everyone!

I'd like to present the winners of the second build contest. For those who missed the ealier post, this challenge was to build a entire town with functioning gym, pakour, the works! We had many incredible submission but there can only be one winner....well rather two...

So anyway the results,

1st Place: 2,500 PixelPoints and a Limited Edition Dragon Dance Totodile on R3 is....

Team o7 and Crew ( o7Vs_IReact (Builder/Sniper), Gold_negative (builder), TJS (voxel sniper), Shad0wz (builder), AllPlayAndNoWork (interior designs), Tyshottsy (lighthouse), PhatNarwhal (coding), Anot (parkour))!!!!!!!!

And 2nd Place: 2,000 PixelPoints and a Limited Edition Volt Tackle Pikachu on R3 is....


Congradulations to all of our winners. I'd also like to that everyone for all of their incredible submission!!! Although you may not have won this contest, look out for our next one! I'm thinking maybe a pokemon statue contest? Stay tuned to the forums!

To Our Winners: Team o7 please contact me via private message on the forums or tell Yaaroon or someone to let me know how you would like your team points to be divided and who gets the Totodile! I'm finishing up some exams but you should have the PixelPoints added to your account by this Friday and I will give you your limited edition pokemon when i see you next!!!!

[Novice] ReliantX Congrats guys!!! Amazing job!
[Jr.Mod] NoivernAlchemist Can tell a lot of effort was put into these builds! Congratz guys ...
[Helper] xMaigelrocksx Gratz o7's team and Walkingbait234! Your builds are truly AMAZING!