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Mon at 3:48
Mon at 3:48
np dude
Mon at 14:38
R1 Needs staff. Last one was about a hour ago
Mon at 14:52
People want gyms now..
Mon at 21:51
i want pixelmon but the problem is i already have it!
Mon at 23:45
warning: on my computer it says that the texture pack is a virus :dead:
Tue at 12:44
R1 need Helpers. Players need gyms
Tue at 13:37
hey guys! what forge do i need to play the latest pixelmon update?
Tue at 15:32
Tue at 15:32
Tue at 15:33
anyone want to chat with me? :)
Wed at 0:57
Wed at 1:04
Wed at 1:04
I'm doing an essay
Wed at 1:04
im bored
Wed at 1:04
pikachu kill me
Wed at 1:04
Wed at 2:15
Can someone help me? I'm using the Pixelmon Launcher and I can't get it to open the server.
Wed at 2:37
me either it keeps saying mod rejection piselmon 3.5.0
Wed at 2:37
Wed at 5:42
How can I play
Wed at 5:42
Wed at 11:48
Hi guys
Wed at 17:11
Hi it's me
Wed at 17:12
21 hours ago
Ples someone check out my thread for mystery dungeon i lost a lucky egg for a crash.
19 hours ago
how do u downlod it
17 hours ago
Does anyone need Help with anything?
13 hours ago
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What's up ballers?!

It has been a fun and challenging run for Mystery Dungeon, and it is great to see those that have played on MD since the very beginning. An entire year has passed since MD first opened into beta, and so many things happened during that time.

Now let's get on to the more interesting part of the title: What's in store for the future of MD. Some of you may not have realized, but the staff of MD have been paying attention to comments players have had towards MD's flaws. Because of this, we have started a new project; which has been in the making since September of last year (2015).

Mystery Dungeon will be getting an entirely newly renovated map! With this map, we hope to enhance current player's experience; as well as hopefully get more of you interested in trying what MD will have to offer.

Now as far as how quests and such will work on the new map; the main plot will stay the same... However, there is one major addition that I think some of you who are a fan of the MD DS games (such as myself) may enjoy. Also, no progress in the story shall be lost upon the new map's release.

More on the new map will be revealed when time comes, but for now I'll reveal a few screenshots of what you can expect to see on the new map.

New area...?

If you have any questions about this new map, ask us with a reply to this post, and it will be answered as soon as possible.

Anyway, hope you guys like the idea.
~Selina and the rest of the MD staff team.

[S] Jolteon2476 How soon will it be until this will be implemented?
[S] CrazyToy Holy crap please have an option to reset XD, the set of games with Sharpedo Bluff (Darkness, Time, and Sky) were my favo...

What's up ballers?

PixelTown is getting ready for the annual Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony although  Team Rocket is at it again and have destroyed the star! It seems as if 12 pieces were scattered all over PixelTown and it’s up to you to save Christmas! 
Talk to Officer Jenny by the Pallet Christmas Tree to receive further information and start your journey! Special prizes await those who are to defeat Team Rocket and retrieve the star! 
This event will only be around for a week so be sure to participate in it while you can! Have fun and Happy Hunting! 
Tj81 How can I play?
Robinlee How can I Play?
Skullwolf parkcore is to hard #nerf the parkcore but other than that great questline

Howdy Pokeballers!!

On behalf of the R2 Admins, we would like to announce the Region 2 has a post game! The post game adds a new challenge to the game. Some aspects are still being worked on but the new island, Old Wharf, is now available to players to look around. Some aspects will be opened in the coming weeks when they are ready.

This addition to R2 was a winning build for a previous build contest. We would like to thank Yaaroon, Gold, o7, Shad0w_tr00per, AllPlay, Tyshottsy, Electro, Elder, and Anot for creating the map and the R2 Admin team for updating the map.

Hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holidays!


[S] Evonpire Hey Just wondering what happened to the hunger games map contest

Hey guys!

We are happy to announce the Region 3 has been here for a year now. It’s unbelievable how much the time flew and we would like to thank every single one of you for all the support during the last year. It’s been incredible! :)

Now on to the even cooler part... To celebrate our one year’s anniversary, we have been working on a one year questThe cloaked man behind the staff board right outside of spawn needs your help! Make sure to speak with him and help him right now, he’ll surely give you something nice in return. I’m sure you are going to like this one ;)

Also, we will be hosting some Rainbow Road events during the weekend, so make sure to look out for those as well!

As for the bank where you can store your items for the survival reset… This one has been opened now, too. In order to get access to your three chests, you will have to contact an admin in-game, who will set it up for you. The bank is located just outside of the spawn house. The survival reset will take place as soon as the server updates to 4.0, if you don’t know already. You can find more about this here.

Enjoy your weekend! <3

~ Creepah

[Novice] dole45 Any set date as to when you will draw the winner?
TheMinereaper Hey whos back bois !
[Novice] Nickk14 R3 = Love R3 = Life

Hey guys,

I would like to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving.

This is a time where we show what we are most thankful for and who we care about most. I for one am very thankful for all of you guys, the Pokeballers community. All of you guys are so amazing and it's so great to be able to have a server where so many different people can come together and become friends, just hang out, and turn out to make such a huge impact on your actual life.

So on behalf of the Pokeballers admin staff, thank you to all of YOU. We wouldn't be what we are without you.

One way I would like to show you how thankful we are, is for us to have our own little Black Friday sale. This sale will run for both today and tomorrow only so take advantage now. We will be having a 50% off sale on EVERYTHING across all servers. That's right, that means all Pixel Points, all rank packs, all items, etc.

We hope everyone has a fantastic Thanksgiving. Let us know what you are most thankful for.


[Helper] ImmortalGamer_MC + I am a bronze rank in /r1 but, in the fourms it says i am not a bronze rank... plz help!
[Helper] ImmortalGamer_MC saw this now &lt;3 BladeHell
Crazy_CatYT plz update the server to 1.8 pixelmon