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i was afk
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Thu at 13:32
anyone selling pokemons for 85K or is onyone buying a snorlax? - Kanto region
23 hours ago
Does anyone know what shop mod is used here? Im setting upa server for my kids and their friends and cant seem to get any shops working
21 hours ago
hello my smexy's
21 hours ago
21 hours ago
how do I vote?
20 hours ago
you hit the vote button on the right
20 hours ago
how do i go back to the screen where it says to add character
20 hours ago
enjin thing
20 hours ago
19 hours ago
what version of minecraft
17 hours ago
when is the survival server going to be up
17 hours ago
can someone help vme with teamspeak
17 hours ago
Does anyone know what shop mod is used here? Im setting up a server for my kids and their friends and cant seem to get any shops working
6 hours ago
5 hours ago
@Eldari I believe the shops plugin pokeballers uses was custom coded by Mayodward, an old Water Gym Leader back in the day. Not sure if they ever made it a public plug-in or if it remains a Pokeballers Exclusive
5 hours ago
I'd honestly suggest the ChestShops, Signshops or ServerSigns plugins for your server stores as they seem to be the easier ones to set up
4 hours ago
hello anyone here , i neeeeed some help
4 hours ago
nnynx with?
4 hours ago
Oh hello , what are the different between each servers?
4 hours ago
should i randomly pick one ?
4 hours ago
my game crashes when i am trying to get the code on mclogin.enjin.com (i can't get any code)
4 hours ago
what shoud i do?
4 hours ago
nnynx kanto is an exact replica of kanto the game, r1 is kanto with all pokes, r2 is johto with all pokes, Island is just tournament, survival is self-explanatory
2 hours ago
53 mins ago
Hey Doods
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New Texture Pack

[HAdmin] bladehell5487 Head
bladehell5487 @ Pokeballer's 1st
posted Wed at 21:37
Hey guys, just a quick announcement for you. We are now ready to release the long awaited reboot of the Pokeballers Texture Pack.

So grab it for yourselves and check it out here.

We hope you guys like it!

[Helper] mray1798 Definitely the best so far, great job on this one
[Mod] ShotGunRaids o I personally really like this pack better than the previous ones, good job guys!
pie1234576 Still waiting 3 months later for survival......

Updating Servers to 3.2.8

[HAdmin] bladehell5487 Head
bladehell5487 @ Pokeballer's 1st
posted Sat at 0:30
We will now be updating our servers to Pixelmon 3.2.8. You will be able to find the needed download link here.

You will not need to change your forge version.

With this update, the visual glitch of not being able to see your pokemon has been fixed! This means that the Pixelmon Island Tournament will be starting this weekend. We want to give players enough time to know that we are starting the tournament, so come 12pm EST on Sat ournaments will start. They will run all day, and around 9pm EST we will even have Lachlan streaming as he takes part in the tournament as well. So be sure that your teams are ready, and if you can just try and beat Lachlan yourself!

And also as a little teaser, very soon you may even see Lachlan start up a brand new series on all the servers. No spoilers on what it's going to be, but trust me it will be fun for everyone!
[B] Minerpro124 Can we have news for survival?!? We were told sometime in August. Well, its September going on October........ How long ...
whitesamurott Any news for survival?
[Leader] king_pro_lol is it true that you can;t get life orbs in the server? I asked admins and mods and they said it wasn;t added to the game ...

Servers are now updating to Pixelmon 3.2.7

[HAdmin] bladehell5487 Head
bladehell5487 @ Pokeballer's 1st
posted Sep 7, 14
We will now be starting the process of updating all of our servers to Pixelmon 3.2.7, a link to the version can be found here.

You will also need to download any version of forge on this page here.

Be sure that you get a forge version from that page above and that page only!

A few notes when we update the servers. As mentioned before, you may not be able to see your own pokemon when you throw them out. They are there and other people will be able to see them. This is due to a issue with forge and when a update comes out that has the needed fix we will let you know and provide a link to the download.

Another thing to know is with pixelmon statues. In the update you can set it to see the normal textures of the pixelmon, or to see them as stone/gold. This is all client side. This means that you will have to go into your own config file in your .minecraft folder to change it to whatever version you wish to see.

  • For our Region 1 & 2 servers. As you may have noticed we have added in all of the new biomes so that everything will now spawn around the towns. We have also made a brand new mall! This will be set up shortly after all the servers are updated.
  • For Island, with this update the tournament plugin should now work properly again and will allow us to have the tournament. Please give us some time to make sure everything does in fact work as we want it, and then we will let you know of the time/date of the tournament.
  • And last but not least, for the Survival server. I have a quote for you by our Dev Manic3210 on the issue. And I quote "We'll get to it when we get to it".

Can't wait to see you guys on the server!

ComanderRen98 I cant join! It just says "Error occurred while contacting login servers, are they down?" I have the right ver ...
[Island] Spud4You Just in case you guys didn't know, I would like to tell you guys that the Pixelmon Island spawns are default Pixelmon un ...
[Leader] BeastlyPhoenixMC Can't wait to get on the server and catch me a nice and powerful LUCARIO!!! ...

Updating Servers to 3.2.7

[HAdmin] bladehell5487 Head
bladehell5487 @ Pokeballer's 1st
posted Sep 3, 14
Everyone has been waiting for this, and now I have some information on when we will be updating our servers to 1.7.10

On Sat/Sun we plan to be updating all of our servers to the latest version of Pixelmon with Minecraft 1.7.10

Now, we know you guys have been waiting a long time for this, but if we had updated before then there would have been a lot of bugs on the server if we had. There were issues with trainers, spawners, and more. Some of them were from just the mod and some were due to forge/bungee (if you don't know what that is, don't worry), but due to the hard work of our Developer Manic3210 those problems will be a thing of the past!

When we do update the servers, we will post on here all the links needed to find the right Pixelmon version and the right forge version. The only issue that will come from the update will be that when you send out your pokemon, you will not be able to see it. This is sadly a forge problem (not the mod or the server). Your pokemon will be there and others will be able to see your pokes, you will just not be able to see your own.

Once forge has a fix for this we will let everyone know as you will need to download that new forge version yourself in order to see your pokemon again, but seeing as how we feel this is not game changing and we don't want to keep you guys waiting on when the server will update any longer, we feel this glitch is acceptable to deal with.

Once again, we are sorry that it has taken us a long time to update the servers, but we felt that there would have been a lot more harm done by those updates that it was not worth it. You can also expect to see the new biomes put into place around the towns on the region 1 and 2 servers very soon, as well as something else on those servers that I won't tell you about just yet :P

And as always we thank everyone for all of your continued support to the Pokeballers server.

[B] Leopardstar2 I have the new update but every time i try to get on MC it crashes! Can somebody help?
Doctor_of_MC it is sunday whee de update?

Update for Regions 1, 2 and Survival

[HAdmin] bladehell5487 Head
bladehell5487 @ Pokeballer's 1st
posted Aug 23, 14
Just a quick update for you guys on the progress on our Region 1 and 2 servers. They should be coming back online come Monday. We know you've missed them and we all apologies for this long downtime of the servers as maintenance was done on the boxes. EDIT: R1 and R2 are now back up!

Many people have also been asking about the Survival server. I can tell you that our build team has been working very hard on the map, but it is not yet 100% done yet. You have been waiting patiently for the server to come back up, and we thank you, and know that we will have a map for you to play on for Survival very soon!

[Novice] shasta165 I think that someone should explain to us whats going on with survival, there are like millions of threads and no one is ...
[Novice] ImmortalDeicide I don't know what's more irritating, the fact the devs think we're idiots or the fact they fail to meet various deadline ...
[Novice] Lowspark So can we get some sort of update on survival?
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