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4 hours ago
yup thats why
4 hours ago
i might apply for gym leader or helper in a week!?
4 hours ago
also getting silver in 2nd region
4 hours ago
cool !
4 hours ago
my dad gonna get me to do 50 chores cause the 2500 cost 25$
4 hours ago
but right now i till need to pay up 25 chores for mineplex rank
4 hours ago
ah ^^
4 hours ago
i thin gym leader is alot wasted time x)
4 hours ago
4 hours ago
you get kill 75% of the time
4 hours ago
its fun to see the people lose and win t the same time
4 hours ago
its my personal opinion
4 hours ago
maybe in the 1st region but i had trouble with the 1st gym
4 hours ago
not mine though!
4 hours ago
how much pixelpoints do u have?
4 hours ago
i hve 85
4 hours ago
I have a question.
4 hours ago
I have a question
3 hours ago
3 hours ago
why is it taking so long to get my pixel points?
3 hours ago
I purchesed 1000 points and got an email confirming I got them but its been 30-60 minites
3 hours ago
i dont think these useally take this long
3 hours ago
who thinks they should add Ho-Oh :thumb:
3 hours ago
How do you add your signature
3 hours ago
to your replys and stuff
3 hours ago
Um can someone help me can you tell me how to add a picture to my signature
3 hours ago
Surge is broke
3 hours ago
2 hours ago
2 hours ago
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Welcome to Pokeballers Forum Chat


Hey guys,

Have a quick update for you about the maintenance being done on the 1st region server. We should have the 1st region up again for everyone to join in approximately 1 hour.

1st Region server s now back up!

We thank you again for your patience and understanding as we work to improve our servers.

[Leader] orenhar Thanks Blade ...
[Helper] theblackminer900 thx for letting us know blade ...
Hey guys as you can see the Pokeballers 1st region server is temporarily down for maintenance. We do not have a confirmed time for when we will have it back up but we are doing the best we can to get it back up as soon as possible!

Thank you for your patience and we will let you know when it is back up as soon as we can! 


[Helper] Drakyle Can't wait for Region 1 to be back up i so want to be in my Loners Box
[S] skatejuda1999 i wait for it but i can noy enough from waiting xD

Just a nice little update for you guys! Which is the NEW OFFICIAL HUB for the Pokeballers Server, so log on right now and explore all of the cool new additions and builds that thevoxelbox have built for us! The warps to regions are currently down via portals while we set them up - but in the mean time I suggest just using your compass or commands (e.g. /kanto). We currently have an issue right now with people who first join to spawn on the mountain which we hope to have fixed soon. Its not completely finished yet but will be updated with a parkour and more soon!

Thanks Once Again to TheVoxelBox!
Jhawkfan12 Amazing just amazing
[B] dakota545432 love the pidgeot above the custom regions
[S] Chris____O looks amazing
As you can all see the hub is down for some maintenance and unfortunately might not be up for a while as we do not have any current estimated time when the issue could be resolved.

We hope you can understand and please wait patiently for the servers to be back up, we do appreciate your support and we are working hard to get it all back up as fast as possible.

Thank you for your patience and time. We hope to see the servers up very soon for everyone to be able to get back on again and get back on their journey.


EDIT:Servers are back up :)
Guilmon1337 Thanks for the notification, I voted over at minecraftservers.org during this time though... Will I get the 5 points whe ...
Jhawkfan12 Thanks Wolf
Since the Kanto server has come out with beta and even now that is has been live for everyone we have encountered many glitches and random things that have needed to be changed or fixed. And it is because of the support and feed back of all of you that Kanto is as successful as it is, so thank you, everyone!

On that note, we have just put in a change onto the Kanto server that involves all of the gyms and the Victory road path to the E4.

Before, all you needed to do was level up your pokemon and just go to whatever gym you wanted, or just go right to the E4 and not battle a single gym. There was nothing stopping people from just skipping whatever they wanted. Well, we've made a change where now you will need to have the right badge to get into the gym.

So to get into the Cascade Gym you will need the Boulder badge
The Thunder Gym will need the Cascade Badge
The Rainbow Gym will need the Thunder Badge
The Soul Gym will need the Rainbow Badge
The Marsh Gym will need the Soul Badge
The Volcano Gym will need the Marsh Badge
And the Earth Gym will need the Volcano Badge

As for the Victory road, it now has checkpoints you will need to check and it require you to show every badge to get past it so you can no longer just skip through.

We will be also adding in where the E4 members themselves will be giving you a specific item needed to go into the next E4 room so that you cannot skip through that as well.

We hope that these fixes will help everyone enjoy the server more andmake it feel like you are playing the old red/blue versions.

Thank you again for all the support and feedback.

MH3U_Bernard For anyone who played Red/Blue: Did anyone else typically fight Sabrina before Koga (MarshBadge before SoulBadge)? Just ...
[B] Mipgeek server is down
[B] derpturtle231 sorry i meant to put this and the evo packs XD
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