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19 hours ago
Well they gym leaders dont get infinite money so they cant afford to pay everyone for winning if they dont earn any
19 hours ago
1 spent some hard earned cash on a battle i got disqualified on
19 hours ago
and even if i go back now and beat the gym
19 hours ago
i will have to pay again and not even get any money
19 hours ago
its almost not worth is considering the fact that you need the badge to get to the next gym
19 hours ago
you see where I am comign from?
19 hours ago
19 hours ago
Oh well, ive lost about 2 grand already..... so suck it up
19 hours ago
well i just think that the gym is a big milestone when playing the games
19 hours ago
it gives lvls and large amounts of money
19 hours ago
which it doesnt give on the server
18 hours ago
i think it needs to change
17 hours ago
Is there a Region 1 Admin that can hop on?
15 hours ago
is it a 1.8 pixelmon server
9 hours ago
Just saying guys, there is no staff online on the R1 server.
7 hours ago
who do i talk to about lost items?
6 hours ago
5 hours ago
Go to recovery applications on the forums mentallgiant
5 hours ago
hey naku :sick:
4 hours ago
Hi :sick:
4 hours ago
whats up :sick:
4 hours ago
4 hours ago
Lol lag
2 hours ago
can someone put a link to where the banned moves are for the gyms
2 hours ago
Hey Every1
2 hours ago
20 mins ago
20 mins ago
20 mins ago
Any Admins
20 mins ago
Probably not
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Welcome to Pokeballers Forum Chat



Island is back for it's 14th Season!

However this time, we're changing things up a bit.
As some of you may have seen before, we previously teased that we would give you guys a new journey, so we're sending you on a whole other adventure that's guaranteed to be out of this world! But please don't take my word for it, hop onto the server and check it out for yourself, I promise there is more then enough space for you to explore.

You'll also find that you can ride Pokémon who know surf and fly to help you get around faster, so be sure to enjoy that!


Hey guys! For the new Island Map IN SPACE I have created a special texture pack. This is the new Pokeballers Space Pack!

Changes include:

-SPACE POKEMON!!!!! (all non-shiny pokemon have had color conversions)

-Custom Sky Map

-Alternate Grass and Leaf Colors based on biomes

-Gui color changes

This special texture pack can be downloaded here: http://adf.ly/1NXZTe

In unrelated news, the week long sale on PixelPoints, our way of saying thank you for supporting Lachlan's R1 series, starts tomorrow(Or today for those already on the 1st.) and will be on until the 7th September.

BOTBPvP Can't wait to see the Island Server!
[Helper] Lucarionator101
Lucarionator101 @ Pixelmon Island
You guys did a WONDERFUL job. Thank you for all you have done!

Hey guys,

So if you remember, about two weeks ago we relaunched a brand new Region 1 server and Lachlan did a Episode 1 video for it. When the video came out we did a little milestone competition for it saying if the video had hit X number of views then we would do X. Well it's been two weeks now and we've reached the cutoff date. The total amount of views for the video as of right now is 260,670 views, here are the milestones we hit and how we'll implement them:

  1. Starter Spawning weekend: This will be done next weekend Sep 5-6 (not this one as it's the Island Tournament)
  2. Free Boss Event: We'll do rolling Boss Events on Tuesday September 1st all day
  3. Double Legendary Spawning Rate Weekend: This will be done after the Starter Spawning weekend Sep 12-13
  4. x3 exp Boost Weekend: This will be done the same weekend as the Starter Spawning weekend Sep 5-6
  5. 10% Sale on the Entire Store for a week: This will start on Sep 1st
  6. Eeveelution Master Pack on all Servers: You will see this on the store for all servers starting Sep 1st
  7. Build Weekend on the Build Server: If you don't know what this is, it's where we open the build server up to everyone and let players build whatever they want, our build team will then be going around looking at it all and judging it. If they like it, your build could be put on one of the servers, or even take you on as a part of our build team. Date is still to be determined at this time.

If you still have yet to see it, it's worth a watch! You can find the video here and see how Lachlan does playing on the server.

Island Tournament

The Island Tournament will be held this weekend Aug 29-30. It will start as soon as it turns over to Saturday Aug 29th and will then continue to happen every 6 hours from then all weekend long till midnight on Sunday Aug 30th.

Those that place 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in any of the tournaments will then be temp banned from the server until all tournaments are finished and the server resets for a new season.

After the reset, the players that got 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place throughout all of the tournaments will receive a prize:

  • 1st place winners will get 2,500 Pixel Points
  • 2nd place winners will get 1,000 Pixel Points
  • 3rd place winners will get 500 Pixel Points

So best of luck to everyone who takes place in any of the tournaments, if you don't get placed in one, be sure to try again in another later on in the day!

Weekend Sale

This weekend we'll also be having another amazing Weekend Sale! This time Pixel Points will be 30% off! So be sure to take advantage of the savings and get the as many points as you can this weekend, especially with new packs to be being added to the store soon, trust me..... you'll want them!

That's all I've got for you guys now, but remember to keep a lookout on the forums for more info, and also be sure to follow our twitter @Pokeballers for instant updates from the server.

As always we thanks everyone for your constant support for our server, you guys are what makes this server great so thank you all.


[Leader] ♆Chatot♆ Whoop Ill be catchin starters on my birthday
_xXTheCreeperXx_ Is the boss event for pixelmon island or is it for region 1? I'm fine with both but I want to know which server I should ...
_Purple_Pikachu_ They were but now I think the sale is off

Hey guys,

The welcome that you all have given to the return of Region 1 has been amazing, thank you all for your support as we brought out this server. As a thank you, for the next two days we are going to offer a 25% sale on all Pixel Points.

If you've not gotten a rank yet on a server, take this opportunity to get your Pixel Points cheap to get that rank pack you've been wanting!

Also, don't forget to take a look at Lachlan's first Episode for the Region 1 server. Depending on how many views it gets will determine what milestones we hit and how we celebrate in 2 weeks time. For more info you can see the original post here.

We just want to thank everyone for you support of the Pokeballers server, it means a lot to us, so thank you from myself and the rest of the Pokeballers staff!


[Ranger] harrislani ahh... i just brought 5000 before this >:(
Aero202 Does any1 know why i didnt get my 5 rare candies when i signed up and synced my account?
[Helper] Raidibotti http://prntscr.com/85bzjm woot woot

Hey guys!

After a short period of beta time for Region 1, we believe we have fixed all the major issues that came up, and that we are ready to open up to the public!

A reminder to all, if you require a file convert for your old pokemn and items, please make a post under recovery applications for Region 1 asking for one, and stating your exact old and new usernames. Also, for OLD R1 ranks before the region closed they are not being given back on the new R1 as it is a different server. You can request for your old R1 rank to be transferred to R2.

So, the time has come. Hop onto our new Region 1 server and have some fun!

~ Phantom

pokemon i cant get to the lobby of any hub help
JBValdezi I'm trying to join to the server but I am unable to seem to connect to any servers
soradomness i was like eerrrmgaaad

Hey guys,

So far the beta for the Region 1 server has been a huge success, we had a few things to fix here and there but overall everyone has liked it. We have on last thing we need to fix for the shops on the server and then we'll be ready to open it live, that means that tomorrow the server will be opening up tomorrow!

First, as players seemed to have missed the other times when I said this, a quick note to everyone that donated on the OLD Region 1 server. You will not be getting your donator rank back on this Region 1. Yes the map is based off of the old R1, but it is a new server, a new box, everything.... That means we as a server paid for a entirely new server to put this on, thus the donations you made to the old one do not and did not go to this server. We are giving you your donator ranks on R2 should you choose to take it (just msg a admin for it) as well as giving you your old files back on the new R1 (again, msg a admin) to make up for this lose, but we are not giving back old donations.

Now, with that out of the way, I would also like to inform you that Lachlan has recorded a Episode 1 of Region 1 already for you to watch. Though he's not sure if people want to see him do a full series again on here, so if the vid can hit 200,000 views in 24 hours, he'll be doing a full series on R1. You can watch the video here or below

We as a server also have a little treat for you guys in regards to Lachlans Episode 1 video. Basically, we've set up milestones that we want to see his video hit, and if it does then we'll celebrate here on the server by rewarding you guys. So here is the list

At 1,000 views we'll do a Starter spawning Weekend

At 10,000 views we'll do a Free Boss Event

At 25,000 views we'll do a Double Legendary spawning rate weekend

At 50,000 views we'll do a x2 exp boost weekend

At 75,000 views we'll do a 10% sale on the entire store for a week

At 100,000 views we'll put the Eeveelution Master Pack on all servers

At 150,000 views we'll have a Build Weekend on the Build server

At 200,000 views we'll do a x3 exp boost weekend

At 300,000 views we'll add Ranch Blocks (for breeding) to the Adventure Servers (R1 and R2)

At 400,000 views we'll do a 20% sale on the entire store for a week

At 500,000 views we'll make a new custom website to replace enjin

At 1,196,945 views we'll give Haru admin for one day!

Those are our milestones we would like to see this video hit, the cut off date will be 2 weeks from today. So spread the word and get that view count up!

As always I want to thank everyone for your continued support of the server!


[S] DiamondEdge In Haru We Trust
[Leader] UltraPlayer63
UltraPlayer63 @ Pokeballer's 1st
are the milestones for all the servers or just r1?
[L] ElectroBoard Haru's 100k closer thanks to HoT_aNd_Spicyy