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5 hours ago
like do you need a number a replies by admins
5 hours ago
because a someone just posted a app and has 1000 views
5 hours ago
shrazhah what your ign
sherazshah :p
i only have 65 posts
im a bug gym leader
if you need help go on my wall and add me as freind and post on my wall wat ya need
5 hours ago
how do i get the free 5 rare candys
5 hours ago
anyone one 1st region
5 hours ago
Claim the candies from the Region 1 Donation Store
4 hours ago
how do u sign up for helper
4 hours ago
If i try to join a server i crash for some reason
4 hours ago
3 hours ago
2 hours ago
ya know
2 hours ago
the worst part about survival pixelmon is theres no minecraft mobs.
2 hours ago
getting food sucks XD
2 hours ago
ADMINS Pleassssseeee help me i posted my report on the forums for missing badges in kanto
2 hours ago
Can't you just live on magikarps? Lol.
1 hour ago
Hey guys I need help with Kanto region
1 hour ago
When ever I join the Kanto Region It crashed my minecraft
59 mins ago
yeah same
53 mins ago
I posted this on the forums. This is now happening to my friend. Lets hope someone can fix it
16 mins ago
how do you sign up for helper
u apply for it
16 mins ago
clicke forums go to the section of the server ur playing on click helper applications an make a new thread (be sure to follow the template)
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Welcome to Pokeballers Forum Chat



Just a nice little update for you guys! Which is the NEW OFFICIAL HUB for the Pokeballers Server, so log on right now and explore all of the cool new additions and builds that thevoxelbox have built for us! The warps to regions are currently down via portals while we set them up - but in the mean time I suggest just using your compass or commands (e.g. /kanto). We currently have an issue right now with people who first join to spawn on the mountain which we hope to have fixed soon. Its not completely finished yet but will be updated with a parkour and more soon!

Thanks Once Again to TheVoxelBox!
[H] YabberJab Absolutely amazing! TheVoxelBox never fails to impress with their builds!
davidmodowere WONDERFUL!!!! Keep up the great work Pokeballers!!!!!! <3 <3 ...
As you can all see the hub is down for some maintenance and unfortunately might not be up for a while as we do not have any current estimated time when the issue could be resolved.

We hope you can understand and please wait patiently for the servers to be back up, we do appreciate your support and we are working hard to get it all back up as fast as possible.

Thank you for your patience and time. We hope to see the servers up very soon for everyone to be able to get back on again and get back on their journey.


EDIT:Servers are back up :)
Guilmon1337 Thanks for the notification, I voted over at minecraftservers.org during this time though... Will I get the 5 points whe ...
Jhawkfan12 @ Pokeballer's 2nd
Thanks Wolf
Since the Kanto server has come out with beta and even now that is has been live for everyone we have encountered many glitches and random things that have needed to be changed or fixed. And it is because of the support and feed back of all of you that Kanto is as successful as it is, so thank you, everyone!

On that note, we have just put in a change onto the Kanto server that involves all of the gyms and the Victory road path to the E4.

Before, all you needed to do was level up your pokemon and just go to whatever gym you wanted, or just go right to the E4 and not battle a single gym. There was nothing stopping people from just skipping whatever they wanted. Well, we've made a change where now you will need to have the right badge to get into the gym.

So to get into the Cascade Gym you will need the Boulder badge
The Thunder Gym will need the Cascade Badge
The Rainbow Gym will need the Thunder Badge
The Soul Gym will need the Rainbow Badge
The Marsh Gym will need the Soul Badge
The Volcano Gym will need the Marsh Badge
And the Earth Gym will need the Volcano Badge

As for the Victory road, it now has checkpoints you will need to check and it require you to show every badge to get past it so you can no longer just skip through.

We will be also adding in where the E4 members themselves will be giving you a specific item needed to go into the next E4 room so that you cannot skip through that as well.

We hope that these fixes will help everyone enjoy the server more andmake it feel like you are playing the old red/blue versions.

Thank you again for all the support and feedback.

MH3U_Bernard For anyone who played Red/Blue: Did anyone else typically fight Sabrina before Koga (MarshBadge before SoulBadge)? Just ...
[B] Mipgeek server is down
[B] derpturtle231 sorry i meant to put this and the evo packs XD
Hey guys, we have just added two brand new packs into the donation store for you. These two packs hold all the items you'll need for evolving your Pokemon through trades.

The first pack holds:
  • Magmarizer
  • Electrizer
  • Dubious Disc
  • Upgrade

And this one has:
  • King's Rock
  • Razor Fang
  • Metal Coat
  • Protector

We hope you guys enjoy these two packs and that they will help you on your journey. You can find them in the donation store for 1500 Pixel Points each at the 1st Region, 2nd Region, and the Survival Server Stores.

[B] derpturtle231 I like the idea but tthe price is so high im just gotng to fight bosses and there not that rare. also when will the mewt ...
[S] diamondnova Great Idea!
[Leader] TheCanadianKoala I think this is a good idea, the amount of time people take to get those
So a lot of things have been going on since we've opened up the Kanto server, but the updates aren't done yet! Here is another quick update on two things we have added in for you guys.

We have now upped the cap on the Kanto server from our normal 200 player cap to a grand total of 250 players!!! So hop on the server and start your journey now!!

Not only that but we also have turned on the ability to ride your Pokemon on the Survival server. Now you still won't be able to fly on them, but you can ride them around and move faster or surf and what not.

We hope you like these two new features and they will be implemented on their next scheduled restarts of the server.
ObsidanWarrior when will cerulean cave be open
[B] Mipgeek On the E4 Just have to get more EXP on meh Pokemon. ...
[G] PokitMonster Is there going to be anything to do after we beaten the elite four and catch the all (151)
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