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you should get to make a new thread straight away
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What version of pixelmon does the server run?
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hello sexy people
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Welcome to Pokeballers Forum Chat



Island Season 8

We have now started Island Season 8!! There will be a lot of changes to this new season. We have changed up the Lugia quest, now it's for a Kyogre!! That means you will have to choose if you want to get any of the birds (or all three) or if you want to save those orbs and get yourself a Kyogre..... if you can finish the quest!

We will also be changing out how this seasons tournament will work. Normally, you would only get to compete in one tournament. We are going to change this up so that you can compete in more than one! If however, you place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd and thus win the prizes, you will be temp banned from the server until it's reset again. This will give more players a chance to keep playing on the server, and give players more chances at winning a tournament. We've also added an experience boost this season, meaning all experience from Pokemon are multiplied by 1.25. We hope this helps you train up your Pokemon for the main event!

Note: Due to the recent Mojang name changes, there might be issues with resending donations. If you did change your ign and you did not get your donations recent to you, our admin Spud4you will be able to help you. Simply send him a msg in game, on the forums, or make a post in the donation section and we'll be able to sort you out so that you get everything you should.

Red Event

Over the past week, we've been working on an old concept that's been on region 2 for almost a year now. For the older members of the community, you may have remembered Lachlan creating a special video on region 2 introducing this feature, however it never made it to the public. The region 2 Admins decided to bring it back and offer something else to do on region 2. We are officially bring back Red to region 2 and this post will explain everything about Red.

What is Red?

Red is a King of the Hill-like game where one person has the title of Red and has to battle challengers to his title of Red. If Red looses to a challenger, then the challenger becomes Red and starts to defend his postion. This process goes on within a defined time space and the Red at the end of the time will hold onto the title for a week.

Can I challenge Red whenever I want to?

Unfortuantly you can't. There will be a set time, usually over the weekend, where anyone who has beaten the Elite 4 can contest for the title of Red. You will only have one shot at challenging Red within that set time, so if you loose against Red you're going to have to wait till next week. If you win and become Red, but loose the title later on within the set time, you will also have to wait untill next week to challenge.

What happens if Red becomes inactive?

It will depend on each case, however by challenging Red you acknowledge that you're going to have to be avaliable for a minimum of 2 hours over the weekend to do battles. We understand that everyone is a human being so if you are having trouble being active over a certain weekend, message an admin before and look to possibly rearrange. If you message an Admin a couple of minutes or hours before the event, then it's harder to rearrange the time. In event of Red becoming inactive, an Admin will take role of Red carry on as normal

What rewards do you get by being Red?

If you hold the title of Red, you get given a special Red tag to your name, so everyone on the server knows that you are Red. We will also have a Hall of Fame for everyone who has been Red, as long as a record of how long you have held the title.

So with the basic information sorted, we would like to announce that the Red event will be held on Saturday 7th March at 5PM EST / 10PM GMT. This is the probably time slot for when Red is done every weekend, however as noted it may depend on circumstances.

We hope you enjoy this feature which is being readded to Region 2 and also we would like to thank Asuna, Flipper and Painted for implementing the idea on the server.

[Novice] _CreepahHunter_ Will this be on R2 forever this time? ...
[Helper] RandomPerson Well thats nice i'm never gonna be able to fight RED cuz timezone ;-;
[Master] Holymerde If we have a set time for RED, would it be possible to have set times that the e4 be open as well? Such as before or aft ...

Next Saturday, February 28th, 3PM EST we will be hosting a Tourney on the 2nd Region Server.

We are giving you guys a week to prepare and get the strongest team you can get.

The Tourney will have rules, if you don't follow these rules you will be disqualified.
The winner will get a prize - the prize is a Random Shiny!

Tourney Rules:

  • Gym Rules Apply - No Healing moves, no Status moves (excluding Toxic & Will-O-Wisp)
  • No Legendary Pokemon allowed
  • Level Cap - Lvl 100
  • 3v3 - Only 3 pokes allowed
  • Stealth Rock is a banned moved as it's glitched

 We are hoping to see all of you there and we wish you good luck, make sure you bring everything you got!


Also here is a little sneak peak at something which will be implemented on Region 2 soon. Enjoy!


-Yaaroon and the rest of the R2 Admins

Now that people have begun to complete the original story on Mystery Dungeon, we are excited to announce the release of the post game story, which features many new Legendary Pokemon, and challenges far harder than what you've already seen.

If you have beaten Rayquaza in the Sky Tower, you will be able to begin the first post game quest. The first quest is located to the left of the Charmander spawn building, so it shouldn't be too hard for you to start. We wish you the best of luck, and hope you enjoy the new challenges that await you!

- The Mystery Dungeon team

[S] Flipper5001 Awesome to see an old creation come to life again
[S] ❇Akatsuki❇ Well.... I'm amazed ...
[Leader] BladeSlayer123 creepah we all cri

Maintenance is now complete!

This Tuesday, Feb 17th, we will be conducting server maintenance for all of our servers.

This maintenance will help the server perform better, as well as to automate the file transfer for players that have used the Mojang name change. After this, any player that changes their name will not have to make a post and wait for a admin to convert their files. Anyone that did so before this maintenance will still need to make that post however.

As for details on players getting their Pokemon from R1 sent to R2, we are still working on finalizing the code needed to make the transfer possible. As soon as we know that the transfer will work smoothly, we will announce how it will work and what players will need to do to use it.


And lastly, the admin staff has talked about it, and we have decided that we want to give back to the Pokeballers community a little bit and allow those that have yet to be able to check out the servers and all the changes that have happen, to check them out.

And so, during this maintenance, we also plan to wipe the ban list on the server.

Yep, we will be giving everyone that has been banned off of the server another chance. There are some "extreme" cases for some players that may exempt them from being removed from the ban list. These cases would include things like griefing of the server.

As always we thank everyone for your support and thank you for your patience as we continue to work on and improve the servers.


[Novice] _CreepahHunter_ Any news on when survival is coming back up?
YoshieStylez Any estimate when R3 will be back up?
InLightToTheMax If u didn't make name change but had a fresh start, do u have to start over?

We have now updated all of our servers to Pixelmon Version 3.4.0


There are no new pokemon added into this new version, but there are a good amount of fixes. To see all changes and to download it yourself, click here!

Be sure that you are using forge version, can get it here


With this update, we will very soon be able to allow players on the Region 2 server, to load the pokemon data file from the late Region 1 server. This will allow players to use the pokemon teams they had on R1 on the R2 server. More info about how this will work will come out later.


Also, don't forget to check out the new Pixpack that our admin Skywalker made for use with the brand new Pixelmon Launcher, info can be found here.



Ash Do the gym!!!! DO the Gym!!! ...
s1ayer2002 how do I join kanto server?
Katoya Just a question but will we get our Items from Region 1 aswell or nah?

The Pokeballers team is always striving to think of new and creative ways to enhance the player expierience of Pixlemon for you the community. With the addition of Pixelmon Launcher, and the option of custom settings through Pixpacks, I am happy to present the first version of the Pokeballers Launcher


For more information on how the launcher works and how to install please click here.

As a bonus feature, I modified my custom version of the Pokeballers Texture Pack and created a beta version of a Mystery Dungeon Texture Pack with custom battle screens. The Mystery Dungeon Pack is attached to the Pokeballers Launcher and will be an option in your Resources folder when you launch the game. If you guys like the idea of a Mystery Dungeon Texture Pack leave a comment and I will continue to improve it. Hope you guys enjoy!

RainBowCrash105 Where exactly can i download this? please and thank you <3
[Helper] GFlyingDutchman Concratz to The best Minecraft Server staff ever!!! BTW I love this