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22 hours ago
why why you can catch legendary in kanto
19 hours ago
what pixelmon version do I use?
18 hours ago
15 hours ago
15 hours ago
lol idk how to get my player code
15 hours ago
the guy's server is out of date common man get to 1.8
15 hours ago
15 hours ago
15 hours ago
when is the guy going to update the server? :sick:
15 hours ago
:sick: ima rage on meh pixlmon and delet da mod in a little this is so weird and i don't like single player
15 hours ago
:sick: :sick: :sick: :sick: :sick: :sick:
15 hours ago
u r talkin to ur self :sick:
15 hours ago
can someone help?
15 hours ago
14 hours ago
13 hours ago
13 hours ago
Hey Guys!!
13 hours ago
How do i warp to the other regions (not kanto)
13 hours ago
hey you
13 hours ago
how do i get my player number?
13 hours ago
that is all i need to know then i just got to download the mod
13 hours ago
plz help
13 hours ago
plz help me when does the guy update his server?
10 hours ago
wow so dead here XD
10 hours ago
im the only 1
10 hours ago
im the only 1
10 hours ago
so quet
10 hours ago
10 hours ago
10 hours ago
ay1 on ?
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Welcome to Pokeballers Forum Chat



The Pokeballers Staff has been hard at work completing Survival and we are now ready to begin accepting both Helper and Gym Leader applications! We hope to maintain the traditions of Pokeballers by utilizing Gym Leaders and Helpers as opposed to NPCs. In order to do this we need your applications! 

So read over the template, and take your time making your application to ensure you stand out above the rest.

To create a world that has not been seen before, the Gyms and towns have not been based off of any previous games. Instead we have created a Dual-Type system for Survival. We hope that this will provide a greater challenge for players and give them a new dimension of play and strategy.  

So now what you really care about, the Gym types:

1. Steel-Normal
2. Fire-Water
3. Flying-Grass
4. Ghost-Electric
5. Psychic-Flying
6. Water-Dark
7. Bug-Poison
8. Ground-Dragon

Looking forward to everyone's application and we will be giving a release date for Survival shortly!

Also! Any Mods and Helpers that were previously on Survival will be maintaining your positions. We will be getting in contact with you soon!
JStorm2000 How do you apply to be a Gym Leader?
eagleeyegiggs i have re done my application
[Helper] Marshtomper1253 Looks like its time to finally make that recovery app
We are still working on putting in quests, but have opened up the server!

Right now the Region 2 server is being whitelisted for our admins to work on it. We are going to be adding in brand new quest lines to the server!!!

Once we are done we will let everyone know and turn the whitelist off.

Thank you for your patience as we put this new content in.

We would also like to inform all of our Pixelmon Island players that the monthly tournament will be held on the 30th and 31st of Oct. Get your teams ready!

[Helper] Spud4You Just to clarify. Those dates are on Thursday and Friday. Is this correct?
[Helper] Scribble1414 Wooo! Gonna be lots of stuff to do now ...
All servers are now on Pixelmon Version 3.3.1

Some of the updates include:
  • Insomnia & MagmaArmor Ability
  • New player list interface (replaces the tab overlay)
  • Adjusted Pidgey fly model
  • Fixed a PC crash when clicking to far right
  • Fix for new Pokeballs
And many more......

To pick up the update for yourself, head over to the pixelmon mod page here and download it yourself.

This post will be updated to state when all servers have been fully updated to 3.3.1. Can't wait to see you guys there.


pikachuboy9 can you update the server to 3.3.2 pixelmon
[S] DragonSlayer368 To be honest, I find the new tab really annoying.
XxXDarkWing8XxX 3.3.1 wont work for me:'(

Hi everyone!

I've got some exciting news for you guys today.           

We can now give out some more information about the revamp of the old survival map and the plans that we have put in motion for it.

The new map will consist of a survival / adventure hybrid map. This will have a fully built adventure map, like Region 1 and Region 2, but with access to an area we're calling the outlands in which players can play survival Pixelmon, as they used to on the old Survival server.

The adventure map itself has all the things you'd expect of a custom region, and will feature new hybrid gyms with player gym leaders as a unique map with new and very detailed towns.

Also, we will be implementing quests, as you may have seen recently appearing on Regions 1 & 2, which will incorporate both sides of the world, survival and adventure, allowing you guys to choose your own play style. I can tell you now that these will make up a server wide plot line, so even if battling isn't your first priority or survival, there will be plenty to do for everyone.

Ninja'd by Rezel -- heres a sneak peak video of the survival server! (Thanks Skywalker)

We'll have more information for you all in the future,


[Elite] ninjapig200 Will we be able to keep our ranks from the old survival? :C
[Elite] mitty1111 *6 months later*
whitesamurott Looks amazing, but this is starting to seem more like an adventure like this would be future r3 instead of survival, but ...
Hi everyone,

Some of you will likely know that recently there was a new update to the Pixelmon Mod recently, and we are now able to tell you guys that we will be updating to Pixelmon 3.3.0 later today.

This new version adds:
 - Two new Pokemon Corphish and Crawdaunt.
 - Updated the models for Bulbasaur, Ivysaur and Vensaur.
 - Updated the models for Pidgeotto and Pidgeot.

The Forge required has not changed, and you can download this new version here to get ahead of the game.

We hope to see you all on the server after this update.


yair it's not working
[B] Epicdude6126 Is Breeding added In R1?!!? ...
[G] Andyxiaries adding breed on r2???
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