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Tue at 21:01
I don't think so...
Tue at 22:53
When Will the next Update be?
Tue at 23:09
Don't know whenever pixelmon does :sick:
Tue at 23:50
Hi! I'm new here...
Wed at 0:34
where is the template for the apply for gym on r2 i cant find it!
Wed at 4:52
all alone on r2 if you want to come visit me q.q
24 hours ago
Sup :sick:
hai people its 6 in thr morning fir me
21 hours ago
hey guys i just made a helper app!
17 hours ago
16 hours ago
:sick: :sick:
15 hours ago
Hello guys,
15 hours ago
I have one question, this is the second time that i voted for these amazing server. But i dont get the pixelpoin
15 hours ago
15 hours ago
But the votes are counting to the page :sick:
13 hours ago
You need to connect your minecraft account by going to characters :sick:
13 hours ago
In your profile
10 hours ago
how do u join the pokeballers server i keep trying but i cant join
10 hours ago
9 hours ago
Any mods or Admins see this, I got Silver rank and didn't get an apartment
9 hours ago
9 hours ago
9 hours ago
9 hours ago
7 hours ago
What do ineed to buy to check ev's
6 hours ago
So what is EV/IV?
4 hours ago
Iv is the hidden stats your poke start out with then Ev's are used to boost the Ivs with a max of 255 given to 2 stats or split between a few. Its hard to put in words to be fair
so hows is every body?
4 hours ago
Tired but wired
3 hours ago
Check my Ban Appeal for my friend please. :sick:
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Welcome to Pokeballers Forum Chat


All servers are now on Pixelmon Version 3.3.1

Some of the updates include:
  • Insomnia & MagmaArmor Ability
  • New player list interface (replaces the tab overlay)
  • Adjusted Pidgey fly model
  • Fixed a PC crash when clicking to far right
  • Fix for new Pokeballs
And many more......

To pick up the update for yourself, head over to the pixelmon mod page here and download it yourself.

This post will be updated to state when all servers have been fully updated to 3.3.1. Can't wait to see you guys there.


[S] DragonSlayer368 To be honest, I find the new tab really annoying.
XxXDarkWing8XxX 3.3.1 wont work for me:'(
[Leader] StormChump Blade, you made a typo! "New player lise interface"

Hi everyone!

I've got some exciting news for you guys today.           

We can now give out some more information about the revamp of the old survival map and the plans that we have put in motion for it.

The new map will consist of a survival / adventure hybrid map. This will have a fully built adventure map, like Region 1 and Region 2, but with access to an area we're calling the outlands in which players can play survival Pixelmon, as they used to on the old Survival server.

The adventure map itself has all the things you'd expect of a custom region, and will feature new hybrid gyms with player gym leaders as a unique map with new and very detailed towns.

Also, we will be implementing quests, as you may have seen recently appearing on Regions 1 & 2, which will incorporate both sides of the world, survival and adventure, allowing you guys to choose your own play style. I can tell you now that these will make up a server wide plot line, so even if battling isn't your first priority or survival, there will be plenty to do for everyone.

Ninja'd by Rezel -- heres a sneak peak video of the survival server! (Thanks Skywalker)

We'll have more information for you all in the future,


[Elite] ninjapig200 Will we be able to keep our ranks from the old survival? :C
[Elite] mitty1111 *6 months later*
whitesamurott Looks amazing, but this is starting to seem more like an adventure like this would be future r3 instead of survival, but ...
Hi everyone,

Some of you will likely know that recently there was a new update to the Pixelmon Mod recently, and we are now able to tell you guys that we will be updating to Pixelmon 3.3.0 later today.

This new version adds:
 - Two new Pokemon Corphish and Crawdaunt.
 - Updated the models for Bulbasaur, Ivysaur and Vensaur.
 - Updated the models for Pidgeotto and Pidgeot.

The Forge required has not changed, and you can download this new version here to get ahead of the game.

We hope to see you all on the server after this update.


yair it's not working
[B] Epicdude6126 Is Breeding added In R1?!!? ...
[G] Andyxiaries
Andyxiaries @ Pokeballer's 2nd
adding breed on r2???
Hi guys,

We have taken down Region 1 for some maintenance. We've been noticing some lag on the server which has been causing quite a few issues, so we have decided to do this to eradicate this lag, and then to make your time on the server more enjoyable.

We are sorry for the inconvenience this will and has already caused, but this was a necessity.

Again for an estimated time for when it will be back up, we don't have a time yet. We're currently working as fast as we can to fix the issues, and we will try to get it up as soon as we can.

~ Phantom
[Helper] CKKPOWER o Welp that'll mean boredom for the whole day. But it's gonna be #worth with no lag :3
[Helper] DalCraft I hope my R1 fam is doing fine! Love you guys!
[Leader] 100nadav I also think its recommended to have a lag clear maintenance on R2..

Survival Server

[HAdmin] bladehell5487 Head posted Sep 30, 14
So every post has always had someone if not multiple people posting comments about the Survival server.... to be honest it gets a little annoying when we put info out that people don't read. We have said many times that it is being worked on and that people need to just wait.

Though you may be happy with just a flat empty map, we're not... Because of that and because we want to make the best servers with the most amount of content for every player, our builders having been putting so much effort into the map itself to make it so that you'll just want to stand there and marvel at the landscape and just imagine all the things that can be built there.

Though we still do not have a firm date ready that we want to say that the map will come out with, I will show you a little sneak peak at what the overall map will look like

So, no we have not stopped working on or thinking about the Survival map. Yes we work on many projects at a time and you could still see other content for other servers come out before this server, but by no means does that mean it has been forgotten or abandon. Would we ever even consider it we would tell you the players about it, not just have it drift away in the hope people would just forget.

I hope this is enough to satisfy some of you for now. Once we are close enough to where a release date can be given we will of course let you all know.

EmperorEhryn Map does look epic.. for adventure.. You saw what happened to the last survival map. Anything remotely close to the spaw ...
[Leader] StormChump I know the good things about custom survival maps, and it looks great. However i would add a little more islands, big an ...
[Novice] shasta165 the maps rly nice but i hope its gonna be survival like thats spawn and a warp wild button or something
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