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13 hours ago
whats up the the server?
Not sure but you cant log on to it
13 hours ago
oh ok nice
13 hours ago
oh wait
13 hours ago
ahah i thought you said you could sorry :sick:
Its back up :sick:
13 hours ago
13 hours ago
:sick: :sick:
12 hours ago
10 hours ago
why is the r1 offline ?
10 hours ago
ri is closed forever
10 hours ago
10 hours ago
go to r 2
5 hours ago
whenever i log in i lose connection and when i dont i try and move and i glitch alot and lag out.
5 hours ago
its just regular minecraft for me cuz i got no clue how to get pixelmon
whats mystery duengen?
4 hours ago
3 hours ago
everybody hype for mytery dungeon?
3 hours ago
what would the mystery dungeon be like?
3 hours ago
where you become a pokemon and have a partner i have no idea how they will do it
3 hours ago
and you would be part of a rescue team
2 hours ago
what is the mystery dungeon server ?
2 hours ago
when i vote its says " Thanks for voting " but when i go in my account to check the pixel ponts i get none pixel points
2 hours ago
can i have 10,00 pixel points
2 hours ago
I am so salty, I am $1 of getting enough pixelpoints to upgrade q.q
1 hour ago
hoi apoc
49 mins ago
how do i get to pixelmon island server
from the hub type /island
Type a message...
Welcome to Pokeballers Forum Chat



First, I would like to announce that the next Island Tournament will be held on Jan 30th - Jan 31st. Normally, you would see a tournament start every 4 hours or so, however this time we will only be doing it every 6-8 hours. So when you come on, just be sure to use the command /timeleft in order to see when the next tournament will be held.



Now for the BIG announcement..... The one everyone has been waiting on.....

As you'll remember from the last news post, there was a sneak peak at a new server coming out for the Pokeballers server, and now, we'll be telling you exactly what it is!!


We are very proud and excited to inform you that we will be opening a Mystery Dungeon Server!


We will be planning to have the server open directly after the final Island Tournament, so as soon as the clock turns over to Feb 1st EST the server will open up into beta.

If you would like to be a part of this beta, it'll work the same as every other beta time we've ever done, just simply purchase yourself one of the rank packs for the Mystery Dungeon server, and you will be granted access to play on the server.


There will be one difference this time though. Not long ago, we said goodbye to our Region one server..... and to make up for all those that played there as a rank donator, those people will also automatically get beta access.

What that means is, if you got Bronze, Silver, Gold, Legendary, or Champion rank packs on the Region One server.... you will be added into a Beta Tester Rank for Mystery Dungeon. This rank will not have any donator perms, and after the beta if you have not donated you will be moved into the default rank of the server. This rank is just for beta access only.


We are very excited to get this server out for everyone to play on. The great Lachlan will also be doing a series/live streams from this server, so you may see him around every now and then!


So mark your calender and get ready for a all new Pixelmon experience!



[G] Leopardstar2 YES! finally i get to play the Mystery Dungeon map, I was gold on r1 =D
[G] Imigeman OMG the hype just went over 9000 I was gold on r1 so I'l get beta acces OMG OMG OMG you guys are the best
Gijsssieee I want to Buy the Silver rank for this Server but when does the donation store open? and if the store is opened and I g ...
For the few weeks now, our admin team has been hard at work on something brand new to come out for Pokeballers fairly soon.... And now I would like to give a little sneak peak at what this could be....

This new server will bring a new way that players will play both Pokeballers as well as the Pixelmon mod itself.

So what do you think it could be?
[Helper] juliuscoolio It was announced to be Mystery Dungeon.
[B] Ilikepi567 Mystery dungeon would be cool, but I have a theory. In a previous announcement about R3 opening, the Admin making the po ...
[B] darkridertj im gunna guess its a hybrid? server
The end of 2014 has been a very busy time for the Pokeballers server, and for 2015 we're not slowing down. We've seen additions to Kanto like the battle tower, Island has had additions like the admin gauntlet event and the Lugia quest. We have relaunched survival into the true Region 3 Hybrid server that it is. And then all the reworks and remodels done to both Region 1 &2.....

Now, it's time for some more change.

I'm sad to say, that we are going to have to retire the Region 1 server, for good. We will not be bringing this server back up. The reason for this however, is good news.

Very soon, Pokeballers will be adding a couple new servers to its list of amazing servers, but to do so, we need to make room in our server list so we can handle it all without a overload. This means that the eldest server we have being Region one, we have to say goodbye to.

We do have some plans to make it up to people that have loved and lived on R1 for so long. For starters, we plan to add in a system that will allow people to go onto our R2 server, but use their Pokemon file from R1. This will mean all the hard work players have done to capture Pokemon on R1 will not be wasted as you will still have them, just on a different server. Also, as a donator, you would of had "Global Donator" on R2. All you will need to do is contact a admin and they will change your rank to it's proper d donation rank from R1 and provide you with the proper donation housing should it apply.

There are some other perks that we plan to give our R1 donators as well later on down the line as well that I can't get into just yet, but trust me when I say we're not going to just sweep under the rug your help to this server and will always be thankful for it all.

As I said though, very soon Pokeballers will be bringing out a couple new servers for everyone, and they will be #hype..... So though it's a sad day as we say goodbye to the server that gave birth to what Pokeballers is today, we will be saying hello very soon to some servers that will change how everyone plays Pixelmon forever!
Mastergabe2000 Johto confirmed
[L] ninjaspyro So will all pokemon even pc pokemon be recovered? Dang im gonna miss region 1.What will we do about badges? Because all ...
[Jr.Mod] StormChump R.I.P R1, you will be missed! I have had a great time there, and will never forget that! Take time to read before you c ...
Region 3 is OPEN! 
When Survival first launched, we started with just 2 towns open...now thanks to the support and help of our incredible staff and community we are now proud to announce that all 8 Gyms are open and staffed. Now with the completion of Elite Four, we have decided to rename the Survival server to better communicate to new players what we have to offer on the server. It is more than a Region server, more than a Survival server, so we have renamed it:  (*drumroll*)

Also soon be able to connect to Region 3 Hybrid using either /s1 or /r3!
(We also got rid of the "camo" ball and replaced it with a fancy GS Ball created by Phantom)

Region 3 Elite Four Opening Day!

We are proud to announce the opening of the Elite Four for this Friday 7-10pm EST. Please be patient with us during that time while we coordinate with several admins in different timezones to open the Elite Four. If you are unable to make this time do not worry, we will be opening it more in the future. We are looking forward to your challenges and maybe one of you will prove to be strong enough to get the coveted 1st Elite Four Champion spot.

whitesamurott I knew they would almost completely remove the whole thing tht made survival survival. When it was first being released ...
[S] Dimond_DinoPvp will we get global donor if we donate on r1/r2? or will it be no global donor for r3/s1?

Happy Holidays

[HAdmin] bladehell5487 Head posted Dec 25, 14
The Pokeballers staff would like to wish everyone a very happy holidays and hope everyone stayed safe this year.

Did you get anything good this year? Let us know the one best present you got!

And now, a message from the Kanto Admins!

As you read this post we will have just released the Battle Tower, you'll be able to catch a Boat there from the port on Cinnabar Island. It might be a small walk, but I promise it'll be worth it. Now, as you may be aware, the Battle Tower is a place where you take one strong opponents one after the other. There are 20 levels in total, with each being home to either a Admin, or a Master who is a trainer in a Pokémon type, with the exceptions of the final three who use mixed types. Don't expect this to be easy though! Healing is restricted within the tower and you'll be facing probably the toughest battles you ever will have. 
It will take careful planning and training to even come close to beating all of the trainers in the tower, but a special prize will be given to first three people to finish, with different prizes going to each subsequent victor.

Good luck and have fun!
[Leader] xXSUPER_SKILLSXx Ipad air and razor keyboard and mouse
[Leader] YoshicraftFTW
YoshicraftFTW @ Pokeballer's 2nd
I got new Bluetooth Headphones ...
[B] StarCrash101 Super smash bros for 3ds and pokemon ruby c: