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Mon at 22:53
Hey guys
Mon at 22:53
Hey arnoo
Mon at 22:54
Arnoo? can u plz read my newest ban appeal? I feel really REALLY bad about the advertizement thing.
Mon at 22:59
Mon at 23:01
You were already told yesterday to stop bringing up your ban here the admins will look at your ban appeal when they have the time
Mon at 23:07
Tue at 0:38
hi im new how do you start
Tue at 1:37
Tue at 1:37
Tue at 2:20
Hello Chat
Tue at 3:56
hi guys
Tue at 6:26
i glitched out in vriden
Tue at 6:28
starting minecraft with pixelmon instaled is like clicking the start button
Tue at 16:23
any mod/admins on that can check if i donated for anything?
Tue at 21:28
How do i vote?
Tue at 21:40
nvm i got it
24 hours ago
yeah how do you vote?
24 hours ago
14 hours ago
hi you guys and girls
14 hours ago
i have a question
14 hours ago
how can i jion the pixelmon servers
13 hours ago
hi im playing pixeltown blue dos some1 know where does eevee spawn
13 hours ago
13 hours ago
10 hours ago
I have no clue where eevee's spawn but you can buy one
8 hours ago
7 hours ago
7 hours ago
most evees are found in the mountian
6 hours ago
you are not suppoesed to say
12 mins ago
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Welcome to Pokeballers Forum Chat



Hi guys,

Pixelmon Island season 12 is nearly at a close. After your long and hard efforts to train up your teams, this seasons tournaments will be held on the 1st and 2nd of August (this coming weekend), so you had better be prepared!

To get you guys ready, we've got a 10% OFF SALE on our Island store, so you can get any of the things you may want for the tournaments.

For those that don't know about participating in the tournaments, the top 3 winners of each tournament win a prize of Pixel Points so it's worth it.

So remember to note down the dates 1st and 2nd August as it's fast approaching.

But we also have a special surprise that should be coming out for Island next season, so look forward to that!

~ Phantom

Mojang Is now Good Enjoy

http://xpaw.ru/mcstatus/ you can use this Link to check the Status of it

[Island] Katoya It's happening again GAAAAAAAAH #BlameMicrosoft
benjiolamb help it wont let me join the server
[Helper] Porlax_ mojang is down again .-.

Hello everyone,

Today we'll have a small look at the Grass Town, but first we'll go through some questions.

  1. Is there a specific date for the server to be released? Like I said before, at the moment we're working to have everything done and ready to open next week, but sometimes things happen and thus our time table isn't set in stone. At the latest the server will be open early next month.
  2. Is the E4 going to be like r2's E4 with multiple tiers or the old r1 e4 with just 1 tier and champ? You'll have to wait and see it, but I can say that we'll have a brand new E4 made for Region 1.
  3. When you release the server will people be able to buy donor ranks on r1 to get early access (Much like md) or will everyone be able to play at launch? There will be a very small beta session, about a day or two, just in order to make sure that we've properly set everything up right for the server and allow us to fix things as they come up without impacting a huge amount of players.
  4. Will everyone start from scratch and be all fair. Or will it be that you can retrieve old Pokemon from your previous adventure on the server? It depends, for those that have done a name change then they have the option to come on the server and start over, or they can contact a admin and get a file convert to get their old files back.

I will also point out now that when the server opens, only a few of the gym will be open at the start and then we will be opening the rest over a few days.

And now for the pictures :)

Welcome to the forest that is the Grass Town

Do you spot a new daycare?

The American Dream Machine just comes bursting through!

Overall a amazing town and it brings back that feeling of being in a forest again for the town. Let us know what you think and if you have any more questions, just keep them coming.


SparklingSylveon x i am dying to see the next town (my fav town) PSYCHIC GYM HYPE
AlmightyDuckachu Is breeding gonna be enabled?
[Leader] FuzzBeez As a Gym Leader once you're beaten and you get the badges and TM will you get it from the sign like R2? Or the chests fr ...

Hello everyone, we'll start this post off just like the last one and see if there are a few questions that should be highlighted to be answered for everyone.

  1. Is money getting carried over from before, or is that something that isn't in the files? We can technically do the money, but I'm not certain we want to. Pokemon files and items were promised and I plan to do everything I can to keep that promise, but people that had over 1 mil to start the server will just break the economy even more.
  2. Is there an estimate of when the r1 server will be released? At this time, yes and no. The server could be opened next week if everything goes to plan. But if they don't then early next month for sure.
  3. Will the ban list be cleared like it was for md? The ban list is via the hub, there is no separate ban list for each server.
  4. I still got screenshots of the items at my donor house is there any way I can get the items back when the server gets launched? The problem with this is time. To be fair to everyone we have to look and think about how much time has passed and think about how old those screenshots are and think if you would have had time to trade those away or not. For the most part I would have to say no to this.

Now, as far as what admins you should expect to see running this new Region 1 server, here is the list:


And finaly, the pictures of the next town, here we go :P

And here we are, the Voltron City has had a upgrade!

The new mall, right in the town this time instead of right outside it

Just a few of it's builders hard at work.... or goofing off.....

Keep letting us know what you think and get ready cause we're not slowing down here. None of us can wait to open this server back up!


mobinni how can i play pixelmon
[Leader] Legacy635
Legacy635 @ Pokeballer's 2nd
I hate that I first paid to buy a rank on r1 not r2 then not being able to get it back

Hey guys, time for some more info on Region 1.

First I'll go through and answer a few questions that have come up:

  1. Will R2 and R1 have the Global Donator rank again? Sadly I must say no to this. It was a great idea when we just had two servers, but as big as we are now it's hard to have one servers donations count for two servers and still pay the bills, so we must may no to this.
  2. Gym Leader and Helper Applications, when can I apply? Well I've just finished making the Region 1 section on the forums so feel free to start now. However for helpers and mods that may wait til after the server has fully opened. We will be looking at some of our current mods from other server and see if any have any interest in being mod for Region 1 before we open.
  3. Is that the old water slide? Why yes, yes it is, my idea :P
  4. How will the name changes effect getting back our Pokemon on r1? Admins will have to do the same thing we've had do to for the other server, and that is a file conversion. If you get on and want your old files, contact a admin with the ign you had when you last played on Region 1 and they can convert your files.
  5. Are people who donated on r1 going to get the commands (/pc /ivs /evs) on r1 or r2? If you donated on Region 1 before, you can get your rank on Region 2. However, after the server opens, if you donate for Region 1 or Region 2 it will only effect your rank and perms on that server and not the other.
  6. Will anything carry over from the old server except Pokemon? what about badges? If you had them on you at the time or in your ender chest then yes. However if you owned a house we will be unable to give those back sadly.
  7. What about the houses ppl bought on the server with ingame money or win from events n stuff? All those are gone. Though this is Region 1 and will have the same feel to it, it is still also a new server and thus there may be new homes to win and/or buy.

If you didn't read it in the questions, Gym Leader Applications are now open for Region one and can be found on the forums!

Now for the new pics :) Get ready to have a look at the new water town.

This is what you'll see as you come on the town

Don't worry, water tower parkour wasn't damaged XD

The water gym got flooded!

Keep in mind that the server is still being worked on at this time, some things could change still but so far it's coming along great and fingers crossed we'll have no problems and be able to open the server very soon. Let us know what you guys this and keep the questions coming.


DahPurple What texture pack do you use. like how do you get it to look that good?...
[Leader] StablerMeteor70 Any release date yet? Or TBA?
[Leader] FuzzBeez Yasss Water Gym HYPPEEE! <333