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What do you mean ?
10 hours ago
The mod video for 3.2.6 was recorded on your server wasnt it?
10 hours ago
by Lachan or something like that o-o
In his video, he said that the server will be updating once the stable version of forge comes out
10 hours ago
Sorry i must have misunderstoo him or was too tired to comprehend it completely
10 hours ago
No problem :)
10 hours ago
thanks for the help i will be joining shortly ^^
10 hours ago
if i may though from my past experience as a mod for another pixelmon server there wont even be a stable 3.2 for a LONG time
7 hours ago
7 hours ago
can I atleast be unbanned from the website in case I change my mind?
codytheodd1 x was permanently banned by [Dev] Manic3210 [6 hours ago]
4 hours ago
I cant join the server
4 hours ago
and i havent been on the server once
4 hours ago
do u join the server
4 hours ago
how do u join the server
3 hours ago
3 hours ago
what happeded to kanto
3 hours ago
3 hours ago
What do I do
3 hours ago
perfect weekend for survival to come back!
3 hours ago
when will the server update to the latest version
3 hours ago
hopefully after survival is back up
2 hours ago
i poptartersauce would like to apply for helper on kanto because i am on the server 24/7 and have gotten to know the staff and are freindly and i see myselff as one so i ugre you to review my application thank you.
2 hours ago
poptartersause, if you want to apply click fourms> Kanto> Helper Applications, and post you application there. Please note that there is a format that you must follow.
2 hours ago
2 hours ago
that is where you can post your application
1 hour ago
hi :thumb: :)
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Welcome to Pokeballers Forum Chat


Just a quick update for you guys on the progress on our Region 1 and 2 servers. They should be coming back online come Monday. We know you've missed them and we all apologies for this long downtime of the servers as maintenance was done on the boxes. EDIT: R1 and R2 are now back up!

Many people have also been asking about the Survival server. I can tell you that our build team has been working very hard on the map, but it is not yet 100% done yet. You have been waiting patiently for the server to come back up, and we thank you, and know that we will have a map for you to play on for Survival very soon!

[Novice] shasta165 i can't wait for survival! i hope its gonna be shamazing!!! ...
[Novice] Iamkingsoshutup I Have been Waiting For Months For This Server D:
[Leader] FireHuskyNinja Quite noted by a few, Yes the servers were down for a couple days, and you expected updates, even though there were none ...
Hi guys, 

I would just like to inform you that right now we have taken down both our first and second region servers whilst we perform some well needed maintenance. This maintenance should hopefully resolve some of the server side issues which players have been experiencing over the past few days.

As for the length of time for this maintenance, we currently do not have any idea of how long both servers will be down, but we will be striving for them to be back online as soon as possible.

We are sorry for the inconvenience that this will cause to you all, but by doing this, we hope that the overall playing experience will be improved.

~ Phantom
[Leader] king_pro_lol o
king_pro_lol @ Pokeballer's 2nd
Actually, can't you copy the server file and then do the changes from there? I don't get why you have to shut the server ...
[B] Masenko_ Hey there i am running on 1.7.10 forge, and pixlemon 3.3.2 i think, both supposedly compatible for the latest mine craft ...
[Helper] Turtle_Berry Hope there up later tonight, but take your time. We'll understand if thing get hard and you need to spend a little extra ...
Heys guys, I've got a lot to update you on, so sit back and enjoy!

Pixelmon Island!

So first thing, for Pixelmon Island. We did have to delay the tournament even more as our tournament plugin was not ready, as soon as our Dev Manic3210 returns we will have a better update on when the tournament will be. EDIT: The tournament will be held on Aug 30-31st

For Island as well, in my last post I had mentioned how we would not be able to re-run the commands for donations. Well, once again, I'm not here to tell you that we ARE able to now re-run those donations every reset. The only problem we'll have will be the first months. Unfortunately, due to the changes in the item IDs when the update came for 1.7, for all those that donated before the update you will not be able to get your items. All perks, ranks, and pokemon will be returned each month, but any and all items from that first season will not be able to be returned.

Donation Store

We have also done a bit of a rework on the donation stores and all it's packs. More items have been added to all of the Rank Packs for all servers, and you will now be able to get items and Pokemon again. Keep in mind there are still plenty on new features to come to the store very soon. Be sure to head to the store and see what's available for yourself, simply click on each icon to see what it offers.

One new feature we've added is a Stretch Goal! You will find this in the shop for every server. It's a global donation to the server. This donation has no set amount, you can donate as much or as little as you want. Once the goal has been met, a boss event will be executed for every server at the same time! Then it will reset and you can do it all over again. You now have the power to control if/when a boss event will happen on the servers!

We hope you guys like some of the changes and we thank you for your continued support of the Pokeballers Server.

[S] mps28 For the island server when the tournament is done do we lose are pokemon and items and what version of pixelmon
[Elite] Juliakk123 Any news regarding the survival server?
[Island] Spud4You Just thinking, since sometimes people have some pixel points extra laying around wouldn't it be a somewhat better method ...

Sadly, the Summer Scavenger Hunt for the Kanto region has came to an end, meaning if you've not already completed it, then you'll have to wait for next time to be one of the lucky players to complete the event.
Don't worry though, those of you who didn't manage to find all 30 Nether Quartz will still receive a reward.  Just head to spawn and speak to Bill, he'll send you to the Shrine where Mew once stood, and there you can redeem your quartz for prizes, ranging from a Ultraball for one quartz, all the way up to a Shiny Pokémon of your choice if you still have all thirty!
Congratulations to everyone who completed the event, and thanks for taking part to everyone who searched over the last ten days. We hope that you all had fun during the Scavenger Hunt and thanks again for taking part!

~ Mop.

Mew and it's Shrine
[B] Buildmaster1 pie they can only work on it as fast as they can and they will post when something happens. so you don't need to keep p ...
pie1234576 Still no news on survival It feels like its never gonna be back. ...
[B] Buildmaster1 only 2 days after the event was to end but def was a fun and hard event. great work and gratz to all who attended.
Web Store Updates

As I'm sure most of you have noticed by now, we have done some updating to all the stores in order to be complaint with the new EULA (End User Licence Agreement) that Mojang issued. With these changes, you will no longer be able to purchase any item packs, money, and Pixelmon. The rank packs are still there but have been edited slightly so that they do not break the rules in the EULA.

We will also be removing the Pixel Points reward from all parkour rewards. Again this is all so that our server stays within the guidelines set by Mojang and comply with their soft and hard currency rules for servers.

We do have a few plans of adding some different items into the donation store however that will not break the EULA, so be sure to keep your eyes out for them as we get those ready.

Edit: For Pixelmon Island, due to the changes put into the EULA, we are not able to give players through the donation store advantages over other players. This means that we will not be able to resend all the donation items for each new months reset. Everyone that has donated will keep their ranks on the server! Ranks will be given back after each months reset! Again we do apologize for this and any confusion it may bring as we change things up for the new EULA guidelines.

10 Million Views

The forums has also reached a very cool new milestone. We have reached over 10 million views on the forums and are very close to having 50,000 registered users!

So thank you everyone for all of your support. To think that in one year we have grown so much as a community and have reached these numbers, it's honestly mind blowing. This community is like a second family for a lot of people. It can't be said enough how thankful we are to everyone for helping us to get to this point.

From Lachlan and every admin on the Pokeballers staff, we thank you all for all your support and can't wait to see our community grow even more!

King000 I do not no what to do
[S] Muper_Sario o I don't understand why you have removed the Pixel Points for completing parkour. The EULA doesn't state that you can't ...
[Leader] Dirhael_ Now that it has been removed many items from the ranks, but they still have the same prize. I think there should be a lo ...
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