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7 mins ago
to the right one of the buttons says download pixelmon
6 mins ago
hit it
6 mins ago
then what????????
do u see a lot of versions of pixelmon u can get
5 mins ago
do u see 3.4 1.7.10
4 mins ago
what to do??????
as an option
4 mins ago
do u
3 mins ago
cool now let me see
k got it
so its hard to see at first
2 mins ago
but on the other side of the long row theres a little thing
with an arrow pointing down and a box
1 min ago
an error?
Just now
facing down??
u hit the rong hatone the one beside t
the one beside that
Just now
what to do next
hit it what do u see
an add?
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Welcome to Pokeballers Forum Chat



Hey guys, I'm here to tell you guys what Region 3 has in store for you guys!

Tomorrow (July 3rd) at 12Pm EST, the R3 staff team will be hosting a back-to-back-to-back HUNGER GAMES! Anyone from any server can come and compete in this, and win amazing prizes! On top of that, we will be hosting a tournament on Region 3, July 3rd at 4:30pm EST. The grand prize will be 25,000 pixelpoints sponsored by a fellow player of ours. This tournament cap is Level 10 and it is Little Cup only pokemon. For tournament details and signups, you can come to this thread here.

I hope you all enjoy your 2 year events from all over the servers, and hope you can participate in some of ours!

~Arnoo and the rest of the R3 Admins

[Mod] WalkingBait234 Wait....12pm est. Im kinda screwed then XD but at least R3 is getting HG back for a while

Howdy Pokeballers Family!!

We saved the best for last!!! I am happy to annouce that Region 2's Two Year Anniversary has ARRIVED!!! We have been working very hard on our part of the celebration and we hope that you all enjoy what we have done as much as we did making it!!

The event consists of a Scavenger Hunt and a Quiz!!! You will be helping the Admins in their quests. At then end, you will have a variety of prizes to pick from.

On another note, July 4th, 5th, and 6th there will be a 20% off sale in the store on Pixelpoints!

Happy Hunting!!

[Ace] Cyn1ko Happy 2 year anniversary R2! Loving the upcoming sale too. Its always great to see a community such as this one around f ...
[Mod] ShadowKirbae "We saved the best for last!!!" ? What about Region 3? ..
[JAdmin] o7Vs_IReact Gee Wilikers!

WOW! To think that pokeballers has been up for TWO YEARS! That is a fantastic thing to me, I never thought that it would be around quite this long, but, because it has, the other island staff and I have decided to show you a bit of what we've been working so hard on. What im about to show you doesnt need explination so just sit back and enjoy. HAPPY TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY POKEBALLERS! 

Check This Out TOO!!

[Helper] Shuynazu Name Of The Song?

Kanto Summer Event 2015

[JAdmin] MXCapturing
MXCapturing @ Kanto
posted Jun 29, 15

Hello People of Pokeballers!

As a celebration of Pokeballers 2 years running, Kanto is hosting its own event.

The event will consist of 30 hidden loot chests scattered around the map. Contained within these chests are Pillar Pieces that will be used to help rebuild Mew's Pillars in its domain. 

Talk to Bill at spawn for more info!

Quick! The pieces can only be found until the 6th of July, so come and collect while you can!

Happy Hunting!

P.S. Please don't give away chest locations to other players. That would ruin the fun for players as they haven't found them themselves. 

[B] FluffyEggs89 Except no one can find them legit. Everyone is either just a couple short or they cheated. Im sorry but its true. And th ...
[B] OMGitsSylveon An event with no prize? Ain't nobody got time for dat
[B] AirVirus Yes!! Finally!!

You're invited!

Well, sort of. Pikachu has been hard at work planning a party to celebrate Pokeballers' 2nd Birthday.. but there's one problem. He forgot to invite anyone! Its not much of a party if no one shows up is it?

Speak to Pikachu in Pallet Town to help him hand out invitations to the biggest Birthday bash of the year! Once you hand out all 20 invitations, there's a very special reward to be given out at the end of the event.

Be quick, this event will end on July 6th, so come and celebrate with all of us on PixelTown!

Have fun!


[Legend] 2Fast2Pro Maybe you should say that you need your 8th badge to finish it, I heard some people complaining about it. I think event ...
[L] _FlashStep_ o p.p i want to do it but account is missed up -.-
[Helper] Zombie_Appocolys Btw if you finish this quest remember NOT to tell anyone what it's or talk about it in chat! We want everyone to get a s ...