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13 hours ago
can u help me
13 hours ago
i can't downlord minecraft force
11 hours ago
can i use version 3.3.7 pixelmon?
11 hours ago
pls help
11 hours ago
pls pls help me
6 hours ago
it says im kicked, it says mod rejections [FMLMod:pixelmon{3.3.6} Please help
Do you have Pixelmon 3.3.6?
6 hours ago
6 hours ago
Remove the old.old at the back of the file
6 hours ago
http://www.mediafire.com/download/aad9i53wxpxk6el/Pixelmon-1.7.10-3.3.6-universal.jar.old.old is this the right download?
6 hours ago
Take out the .old.old from the link, Does it work for you now?
6 hours ago
when i do that it just comes up with the same thing
6 hours ago
Okay, Then try downloading it and taking out the .old.old from the file when u download it
6 hours ago
6 hours ago
6 hours ago
6 hours ago
6 hours ago
6 hours ago
how do i delete the .old
6 hours ago
Just rename it and delte the .old
6 hours ago
thank you!!!
6 hours ago
4 hours ago
can any1 help me?
4 hours ago
2 hours ago
2 hours ago
1 hour ago
Has the server been bumped up to 3.3.7 yet?
50 mins ago
i have 3.3.6 but it says i have been kicked for mod rejections
50 mins ago
help me
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Welcome to Pokeballers Forum Chat


We have now updated all of our servers to Pixelmon version 3.3.6

In this update you'll find: 
  • All three of the legendary dogs added
  • More abilities added
  • Fixes for multiple held items and moves
To find the download needed, click here.

Now for some little sneak peaks at some of the work being done for our revamp of R1/R2, here are some scrrenshots of the two servers.

First up is our new spawn location for R1:

And here is a look at the ghost town on R2 being worked on:

There is still no estimated time for the completion of these servers, so please be patient as our admins are working very hard as you can see above.

Thank you all for your support.


[Leader] DethEye2301 for anyone that is having problems with the mod, download it and if it has ".old.old" in the end, delete it (n ...
[Mod] o7Vs_IReact Blade, I believe that a "redownload" for 3.3.6 was uploaded onto pixelmonmod after the server updated to 3.3.6 ...
[Novice] playerr1234 I can't download pixelmon 3.3.6
Ok so I've been hearing a lot on how people want the servers to come up now and can't understand why they are not back up yet, so let me try and just explain something for you.

Both servers on their own took months of planning and building before they went live the first time. Now we're working on two at the same time.

Now we're not rebuilding by any means, just remodeling, so no it won't take months. That being said, it's not going to take just a few short days as well. Keep in mind, we do not have the same amount of builders we once had, so considering the number of staff we now have and the need to work around their schedule in real life..... this is going to take time....

The real answer is, we don't know how long it'll take. It could be a week, it could be 2. It all depends on how much time each day we can put into it with how short staffed we are. Not to mention any non-foreseen problems we may run into as we work.

We do however still have other servers still open. Kanto, Island, and the new Survival/Adventure Hybrid server. So take this time to enjoy and play on those servers. Even if you are staff for R1 and/or R2, doesn't mean you can't still go on those servers and help people out.

So once again, we apologize for how long these servers may be down for and any inconvenience this may bring, but trust me, it will be well worth it.

[Leader] maigelrocks9914 GL guys we can wait. Ill wait time the end of time for you guys to finish
anab Take your time guys no rush ...
[B] Good_Guy-Brandon Hey Blade if you need help with the server why don't you get some trusted players to help rebuild and remodel for you? t ...
We are going to be working on both the region 1 and region 2 servers for the next couple of days.

As most people know, both servers have now been up for over 1 year, and we think it's about time that we give both servers a bit of a face lift, give some of the towns and gyms a new look and feel.

This may take a couple of days for us to finish up as we work around peoples schedules, but we feel that everyone will love the new look and hope that it will help to breath new life back into those servers.

We apologies to everyone for the inconvenience of this downtime of the servers, but this will be worth it.

Thanks you for your patience and continued support of the Pokeballers server! Love you all!!

[Leader] DethEye2301 I'm gonna say 1 thing about the new ghost gym (in r2), make the parkour harder, it was super easy last time
[Helper] website66 There will be no Pokemon/item/rank reset whatsoever as of now, Any plans of that happening will be announced on the fron ...
SonGokuss2 But it is possible to lose again our pokemons
Region 1 and 2 will be down for a couple of hours for some, We will try to get them back up and running as soon as we can.
Hey Pokeballers,

Pixelmon Island is open for the new season, season 5! Some of you may already have noticed and starting playing again, and that's great.
You know what they say, a new season a new start, and that's very true for this season. We got some new stuff for all of you!

So, what's new? You may ask. Well, this is;
- Empty Orbs are now optainable through quests (you can craft the Empty Orbs into Orb of Static Souls, Orb of Fiery Souls and Orb of Frozen Souls)!
- Brand new quests and chest locations!
- The Tiki Village has had an overhaul!
- During the season we will do what we can to give Pixelmon Island a more competetive aspect.

The Pixelmon Island Admins.
[Island] jedibenji Do legendarys spawn?
TheFpsKiller You i really dont know how to play on the island and im stuck in a part of it. :(
JackoWacko how do u get on to the server its not letting me get on to it??????