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Tue at 20:49
Ive voted 54 times why am I not on top monthly voters
Tue at 22:37
i just got scammed where do i post it
Tue at 23:15
Wed at 11:10
Any Admins On?
Wed at 12:38
where can i vote
Wed at 14:32
Wed at 15:04
Hello :sick:
Wed at 16:31
how do you get forge
Wed at 21:53
hi guys any opinon on wat pokemon i should put on my team next
21 hours ago
8 hours ago
8 hours ago
is the server online?
8 hours ago
8 hours ago
8 hours ago
im on xD
8 hours ago
but the hub is down...
8 hours ago
why can't I log on tho?
8 hours ago
If the hub is down I can't log in?
8 hours ago
I can't go to the server
8 hours ago
i can't go in the server!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8 hours ago
:sick: :sick:
8 hours ago
8 hours ago
so the server is down or what?
8 hours ago
nooo, i got kicked :(
4 hours ago
pq nao to conseguindo loga oq tem quye fazer
3 hours ago
why wont my password work for pixelmon launcher
1 hour ago
51 mins ago
Why am I not on leader board ever i ve oted enough to be on??????!?!?!?!??!???????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!??!!
46 mins ago
And why does mineserves never work for voting?!?!?!?!?!?
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Welcome to Pokeballers Forum Chat



R3 is down.

[HAdmin] Mophead95 Head posted Sep 18, 15

R3 is down while we try to figure out the cause of some issues with the server, please be paitent until we figure this out, thank you.


R3 is now back up, while most of the ranks have been returned, there has been some issues, if you are missing permissions please message an Admin in game to get as much of those returned as possble. If you don't see an Admin online on R3, make a Recovery post here: http://www.pokeballers.com/forum/m/14209422/viewthread/24252644-rank-warp-recovery-thread/post/last#last

Hey guys!

It's PixelTown's first birthday today! A year ago, PixelTown was released as a stand alone server, and people faced the choice between Red or Blue!

To celebrate our first birthday, we PixelTown Admins will be hosting numerous events for everyone to enjoy, such as scavenger hunts, quizzes, and lots more! There will surely be some shiny giveaways! ;)

So be on the lookout for Smash, Rutger, Colesy, Camero, Elmo, Cie, and I! 

We're also running a Face Reveal competition on the forums! Click here to check it out for the chance to win a shiny convert for PixelTown and Pixel Points to spend on your choice of a Pokeballers server!

On top of the small events we will be hosting personally, sometime during the week we will also be releasing a CHALLENGE TOWER! Meet Professor Oak at the docks in Pallet Town, and you can take a boat to the tower. There, you will find many challenges that you can take on to earn tokens! The more tokens you earn, the better the prizes you can redeem :) We've created a bunch of challenges for you guys to try out. Battles, parkours, mazes, quizzes, etc. If you make your way to the top of the tower, you'll earn yourself an sconvert, and the chance to face Red.

So I look forward to seeing you all trying out the tower, and taking part in all the events that will be taking place! Good luck everyone, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY PIXELTOWN!


[Admin] Rutger_ Towers have been officially released on both servers! Enjoy everyone!
TheMagnet39 GL everyone

Hello Everyone,

Across all servers we have added the amazing Wonder Trade feature. This means that once on the server you will be able to use the command /wt <slot #> and trade in one of your pokemon for a random pokemon.

The Wonder Trade Pool will consist of 100 different pokemon all at random levels, they could be shiny, they could be a legendary, the possibilities are endless on what you could get as players fill the pool with their own pokemon as well. So come on and check it out!

At this time, Kanto does not have Wonder Trade. We are working on coding it so that it'll only pull from Gen 1 for Kanto and then we will be adding it to Kanto as well.

The Pixel Point store is also now on a 20% sale for the weekend. So take advantage of the savings to grab what you can!

We hope you like the new features added to the server and can't wait to bring out more in the future! So keep your eyes glued to the forums and our twitter for more info as it comes out.


Axor1 how do you use PixelPoints?
PieBob851 how do i set levels
hiromason can't wait!

Island is back for it's 14th Season!

However this time, we're changing things up a bit.
As some of you may have seen before, we previously teased that we would give you guys a new journey, so we're sending you on a whole other adventure that's guaranteed to be out of this world! But please don't take my word for it, hop onto the server and check it out for yourself, I promise there is more then enough space for you to explore.

You'll also find that you can ride Pokémon who know surf and fly to help you get around faster, so be sure to enjoy that!


Hey guys! For the new Island Map IN SPACE I have created a special texture pack. This is the new Pokeballers Space Pack!

Changes include:

-SPACE POKEMON!!!!! (all non-shiny pokemon have had color conversions)

-Custom Sky Map

-Alternate Grass and Leaf Colors based on biomes

-Gui color changes

This special texture pack can be downloaded here: http://adf.ly/1NXZTe

In unrelated news, the week long sale on PixelPoints, our way of saying thank you for supporting Lachlan's R1 series, starts tomorrow(Or today for those already on the 1st.) and will be on until the 7th September.

[B] Lucarionator101 Mop attached the link to download it above.
EliteD4 How do we get the cool texture pack?
BlueBlissey Wait is Blissey blu? Please say yes!

Hey guys,

So if you remember, about two weeks ago we relaunched a brand new Region 1 server and Lachlan did a Episode 1 video for it. When the video came out we did a little milestone competition for it saying if the video had hit X number of views then we would do X. Well it's been two weeks now and we've reached the cutoff date. The total amount of views for the video as of right now is 260,670 views, here are the milestones we hit and how we'll implement them:

  1. Starter Spawning weekend: This will be done next weekend Sep 5-6 (not this one as it's the Island Tournament)
  2. Free Boss Event: We'll do rolling Boss Events on Tuesday September 1st all day
  3. Double Legendary Spawning Rate Weekend: This will be done after the Starter Spawning weekend Sep 12-13
  4. x3 exp Boost Weekend: This will be done the same weekend as the Starter Spawning weekend Sep 5-6
  5. 10% Sale on the Entire Store for a week: This will start on Sep 1st
  6. Eeveelution Master Pack on all Servers: You will see this on the store for all servers starting Sep 1st
  7. Build Weekend on the Build Server: If you don't know what this is, it's where we open the build server up to everyone and let players build whatever they want, our build team will then be going around looking at it all and judging it. If they like it, your build could be put on one of the servers, or even take you on as a part of our build team. Date is still to be determined at this time.

If you still have yet to see it, it's worth a watch! You can find the video here and see how Lachlan does playing on the server.

Island Tournament

The Island Tournament will be held this weekend Aug 29-30. It will start as soon as it turns over to Saturday Aug 29th and will then continue to happen every 6 hours from then all weekend long till midnight on Sunday Aug 30th.

Those that place 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in any of the tournaments will then be temp banned from the server until all tournaments are finished and the server resets for a new season.

After the reset, the players that got 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place throughout all of the tournaments will receive a prize:

  • 1st place winners will get 2,500 Pixel Points
  • 2nd place winners will get 1,000 Pixel Points
  • 3rd place winners will get 500 Pixel Points

So best of luck to everyone who takes place in any of the tournaments, if you don't get placed in one, be sure to try again in another later on in the day!

Weekend Sale

This weekend we'll also be having another amazing Weekend Sale! This time Pixel Points will be 30% off! So be sure to take advantage of the savings and get the as many points as you can this weekend, especially with new packs to be being added to the store soon, trust me..... you'll want them!

That's all I've got for you guys now, but remember to keep a lookout on the forums for more info, and also be sure to follow our twitter @Pokeballers for instant updates from the server.

As always we thanks everyone for your constant support for our server, you guys are what makes this server great so thank you all.


♆Chatot♆ Whoop Ill be catchin starters on my birthday
_Purple_Pikachu_ They were but now I think the sale is off
_Purple_Pikachu_ Yes Lizzer